Core Pillars

Unwavering values that are core to our mission.

We Stand Firm on Absolute Truth

Truth is important to us and God is the source of truth. In this brief message, our President/CEO Corey Miller explains why standing up for truth in the university matters so deeply to us.

We Hold Scripture High

The Word of God is the ultimate authority in our lives and for our organization. In this video, our CEO Corey Miller walks through why Ratio Christi prioritizes such a high view of Scripture.


We Focus on Apologetics

Ratio Christi’s missional focus is on apologetics-evangelism. Apologetics is often viewed as an optional endeavor for more cerebral Christians rather than a standard operating feature of Gospel-centered ministry. We believe apologetics is essential to our ministry efforts. In this video, our CEO Corey Miller explains why.


We Focus on the University

The primary institution where Ratio Christi works is a place from which to move the world. The university is perhaps the single most influential institution shaping civilization. It is the gatekeeper of thought upstream shaping culture downstream. From it come our doctors, lawyers, business and political leaders, journalists, pastors, k-12 educators, and even future professors. The challenge is for the church to realize this; that no greater service can it render both to itself and to the cause of the gospel with which it is entrusted than to try to recapture the universities for Christ, on whom they were all originally founded.


We Develop Thoughtful Christians in the Next Generation

Ratio Christi aims to develop thoughtful Christians in the next generation. The first part of Ratio Christi’s vision is Thoughtful Christianity. When you hear the expression, “she is a very thoughtful person,” you’re apt to think of her as a compassionate and considerate person. But thoughtful also represents being rational and reflective. Our Vision of Thoughtful Christianity contains a double meaning intentionally. We aim to cultivate both the heart and the head, which together influence the hands. The integrated Christian exhibits the head, heart, and hands of Christ.

We Focus on Transforming Lives

In our vision of Thoughtful Christianity—Transforming lives on campus today, changing culture tomorrow, what we envision is not merely bringing people on campuses to believe that the Christian God is real. It is true. But we desire to see people believing in the Christian God. This is a difference that makes a difference. Belief that God is real is mere intellectual assent to a proposition. Belief in God’s reality also involves a volitional consent and affective movement toward God.


We Focus on Changing Culture

Ratio Christi has a vision to change the culture. We want to change the world through the reason of Christ. As thoughtful Christians, we begin upstream at the universities seeking to address and overcome initial obstacles providing persuasive reasons for faith, we present the Gospel, and, if done right this strategy of transforming lives up stream has dramatic payoff changing culture downstream. Lives are transformed in the universities in a holistic, integrated way, with cultural benefit including better soil for Gospel presentation.