2019 Ministry Recap – Campus Ministries

2019 Ministry Recap

Campus Ministries

by Joe Whitchurch, Campus Operations


New year 2020 and new decade greetings in Christ! I remember in between January and March last year reporting on Washington, Utah, South Dakota, Arizona, Kentucky, and Florida all having new, university affiliated Ratio Chapters just since that February of 2019! It seems like just yesterday.

The following month on Thursday June 6th, 2019 I remember writing this:  “I just got off the computer from a video conference call to our regional directors from around the USA. One and a half hours of prayer, Scripture sharing, campus ministry resource sharing synergy, recent mission culminations from the early Spring 2019 semester, and at least six outstanding conversions to a living and fruitful faith in Christ were mentioned.

Some highlights

Among the many people that our chapters reached, we have seen more and more people from other religions coming to a saving relationship with Christ. Ratio Christi made a huge impact on campuses in 2019:

  • Many from Hinduism to saving trust in Christ alone
  • A number of students converting from Islam to Christianity, despite the danger. We’ve helped provide safe houses for some of these converts.
  • The president of an atheist club came to faith in Christ and now volunteering in ministry!

The Regional Director corps at Ratio Christi

There are far too many locations spread throughout the US for me to mange by myself. I’m thankful for our team of Regional Directors who act as the point of contact for our field team. In addition to helping to lead these regions, in 2019 our RDs have:

  • Taught apologetics seminars and classes
  • One taught apologetics across Germany, another in the Philippines
  • Partnered with a Francis Schaeffer community in England
  • Used apologetics to disciple several recent converts from Islam in Europe
  • Conducted a five state tour with our Torah Scrolls on many public university campuses.

Personal evangelism on university campuses

Through personal evangelism and one-on-one interactions, our chapters have seen many conversions. Nearly a half dozen college students coming to trust Christ in a very first conversation intro, spirituality interview, over a two-month period at one college!

Training others in developing thoughtful Christians

I did worldview evangelism training for seminarians in New Orleans at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminar as part of the Evangelical Ministries to New Religions conference via Ratio Christi.  Since that time I did the same training for about half of our entire national staff team at our San Diego Symposium in November.

Launching new chapters in 2019

In September and October we launched several new chapters in new colleges and universities. Close to 180 chapters of Ratio Christi were operating in 2019. These have huge potential for a lasting legacy of Christian apologetics and evangelism among questioning students needing solid truth, now and for generations to come.


In October three Ratio Regional directors who cover our ministries in Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, and Michigan presented discipleship resources and fabulous plenary sessions at the ‘Deeper Roots’ apologetics conference near Western Michigan University. They, along with other Ratio staff and other campus ministry and apologetics evangelism scholars were an inspiration to attendees and to me. I was there to encourage my team and represent Ratio at a ministry table and do interactive training with worldview banners. It was a great time with students, faculty, staff, staff directors, and community people interested in proclaiming and defending thoughtful Christianity. Below is a photo of RC staff and student leaders there.


Reaffirming our beliefs

It is wonderful for us to keep the main things the main things. We strive to train thoughtful Christians and share compelling reasons for following Christ. In November each of our regional directors have reaffirmed our statement of faith. You can see the Ratio Christi beliefs here.

Their buy-in is both important and transformative. Given the the climate on college campuses – many questioning the value of reason, the intellect, sound doctrine, and more –  it is important that apologists think deeply about these beliefs. Ratio Christi helps others to ask good questions and seek better answers. We help connect students and faculty with the One who is the truth, life, only way, and so much more!

Building together in 2020

We head with renewed vision in to the new year and the new decade.

Thanks for your prayers and support. Unless the Lord builds the house we labor in vain. There are those who doubt the Lord uses apologetics or if there are scientific, philosophical, or good historical reasons for trusting, and serving Christ. I hope taking this little review with me has given you a closer to 20/20 view on that most important commandment that involves our first Love, loving the Lord with all our mind as well as we head into the year 2020 together.

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