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  • "Apologetics Restored My Faith"

    From time to time, we get testimonies from our partner organizations who also work with students to share the tangible evidence they need to substantiate the Christian faith. This is one of those great stories, coming to us from Truth Matters Ministries (TMM). Portion reprinted with permission.

    by CALEB LEE

    If someone were to ask me, “When did you become a Christ...   More

  • What Our College Students Are Dealing With on Campus Today - Audio

    Ratio Christi's International Director Tyler Geffeny and our Chapter Director Conor Anderson at UC San Diego were interviewed at White Horse Inn Radio by host Mike Horton. Horton established WHI more than twenty years ago in regular radio and it is now a very popular streaming Christian conservative program that airs each Sunday.

    This October 2016 discussion is a "must listen" for parents, grandparents, clergy, and church members. Scroll down right on this page...   More

  • Help Ratio Christi Share Our Mission on Television!

    Exciting Opportunity!
    You can help Ratio Christi get on television. A valuable first-time chance has arisen for Ratio Christi to have an "RC-TV" outreach. We are now reaching millions of people all over the world! We premiered our streaming and satellite program, "Truth Matters," in mid-January, 2017. At left is a photo of the show's host, RC's own Tony Gurule, and our Boosters Director Julie Loos in one of the first installments. 

    You,...   More

  • Videos and Slideshow from RC's 2016 Symposium and Student Retreat

    We have some great photos from Ratio Christi's Sixth Annual Symposium and Student Retreat which took place near Charlotte, North Carolina in October 2016. This is the one weekend, open to the public, where Ratio Christi staff, field representatives, and students gather to take part in a wide collection of seminars, informative sessions, and break-out discussions on a wide variety of apologetics and practical ministry implementation topics. Some of RC's folks also at...   More

  • Becoming All Things to All People with Apologetics

    “Apologetics is something that is integrated into my faith, so in a sense I am always doing it. It is the way that I love God with all of my mind. So I would never want to stop.”

    These are exciting words from Jessica Thompson about using our minds along with our heartfelt faith. Jessica is the outgoing student president of Ratio Christi at Rutgers University. Upon graduating this past spring, she was acknowle...   More

  • Dr. Carol M. Swain on Satanism, Wicca, and Black Lives Matter - Video

    Professor Carol M. Swain of Vanderbilt University was the Keynote Speaker at our October, 2016 RC Symposium and Student Retreat. Swain has gained national attention for being a conservative Christian female African American professor - almost a non-existent combination in today's culture - who faces discrimination on campus for her biblical worldview. After her keynote speech, she was interviewed by Assistant Editor Tyler O'Neil of PJ Media. O'Neil had   More

  • What it Takes to be a Christian Couple on a Secular College Campus - Video

    Lexi and Grant Forrester met while both attending the University of North Carolina Wilmington. They each became part of Ratio Christi's UNCW chapter and began learning apologetics under the leadership of Chapter Director Aaron Marshall.They fell in love, prayed about what their future might look like together, and married in 2016.

    At the RC National Symposium and Student Retreat in October 2016, the Forresters spok...   More

  • "Apologetics and RC Kept Me from Leaving Christianity"

    Matthew Adamson is the current president of the Ratio Christi chapter at the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH). This aerospace engineering major says he likely would have abandoned Christianity if he had not discovered apologetics through our chapter there.

    “Apologetics and RC saved me from leaving the faith after high school,” he says. “I had experienced a couple years of extreme doubt and had...   More

  • Professor Carol M. Swain, Conservative on the Front Lines of Secular Academia

    Carol M. Swain, Ph.D., is a professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. She also happens to be a Conservative Christian African American with traditional family views. As far as secular universities go, this makes her a rare bird. In an academic setting where "tolerance" has ironically become "intolerant" toward Judeo-Christian worldviews and African Americans who are conservative, she's got two strikes against her. And she cour...   More

  • "Apologetics Made Me a Confident Christian"

    Recently, we published a post about how our relatively new apologetics program for high school students is exploding in numbers and in requests for more chapters. RC College Prep prepares high schoolers early for the tough questions they may face about Christianity when they get to college.

    Kevin Duffy, Pastor at Village Baptist Church i...   More

  • What You Need to Know about Emotional Porn

    (Reprinted with permission from the blog "An Abundant Singleness" by Allison Zeigler)

    Nine months ago I didn't know what emotional porn was. In fact, I'm not sure how it even became the topic for my senior thesis. But I immersed myself in the subject for five months of the school year, discovering in the process how dangerous emotional porn is a...   More

  • Is There Hope For Our Country?

    (Reprinted with permission from the blog of RC College Prep Director Michael C. Sherrard)

    Everyone is peddling fear. Spread it then leveraged it to promote personal agendas. This is how “leaders” grab power these days. Well, while everyone else is fear mongering, here is a bit of hope.   More

  • Ratio Christi's Vision for Reaching the Media

    Help Us Keep a Christian Voice on Campus

    by Sheryl Young, Media Outreach Coordinator

    (If you are not familiar with Ratio Christi, please see "About Us" first or watch the Introductory Video on our home page.)

    "Ratio Christi is what brought me back to faith in college. My junior and senior years of high school were filled with lots of doubt about my faith and wi...   More