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  • Five Years of Good Reasons for What We Do

    Andrew Robbins of Ratio Christi at Texas A&M (“TAMU”) is a great example of why we’ve been encouraged to start our new College Prep division at the high school level. Robbins' interest in apologetics was sparked during high school. He has "fanned the flame" by continuing these studies throughout his undergraduate work as an active RC member,...   More

  • "Mars Hill and the Muslim"*

    Originally posted at by Abdu Murray, October 2012. Reprinted with permission.

    In orthodox Islam, God is utterly transcendent, which is to say that He is utterly unknowable by human beings.  In fact, one of Islam's premier philosophers and theologians, Imam Al-Ghazali, made the case for God's unknowability. [fn:1]  And Muslim theologian...   More

  • New President Corey Miller Has Big Plans for Ratio Christi

    Our search for a new president and CEO led us to Corey Miller at the end of February 2015. You can read about Corey's background and qualifications here. Now, he shares what he feels are the keys to Ratio Christi's future influence in the college arena.

    Q: Ratio Christi has experienced rapid expansion and we always get inquiries about starting new chapters. How can we find more...   More

  • An Interview With a Coptic Christian

    Part of a Ratio Christi series on Islam (see links below).

    This interview originally took place in 2010 and is reprinted here with permission. Readers will find it prophetic regarding the progression of today's terrorism.

    Usama Dakdok longs to tell the Christian and Muslim communities that only the love of Christ can overcome the dangers of true radical Islam.

    Dakdok, a Coptic Christian (Christian native of Egypt), now liv...   More

  • Apologist Duo Brings RC to New Hampshire, the state of “Independent Thinkers”

    Lori and Kevin Peters were each being led by God to work with Ratio Christi before ever mentioning it to each other. In fact, they were over 2,000 miles apart at the time.

    “When God spoke to me about Ratio Christi I was on a mission trip in Guatemala in 2012,” Lori says. “Kevin was at home in New Hampshire, but we knew God was moving us to be missionaries. We considered both foreign countries and the US. We’d get one or two steps and God would close the door...   More

  • Irony and Intolerance On Campus: Case Study at UNC Wilmington

    Originally posted at the "Thinking Christian" blog on Feb 19, 2015 by Tom Gilson, RC's Vice President for Strategic Initiatives & Alliances. Reprinted with permission.

    So there was this student group at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, you see, that was hosting a campus discussion on abortion. Maybe they should have known better than to have tried. It’s a rancorous issue everywhere, with religion right at the heart of the dispute, and of cou...   More

  • 10 Talking Points: How to Tell People Why You're Not "Seeing Grey"

    From various pertinent articles on the internet and perspectives by Ratio Christi members and leaders, we've put together 10 Talking Points for those who do not support this movie to share with others.

    As background, the movie is estimated in various reports to contain 20 full minutes of simulated sex and abusive sexual situations, including what is currently called “BDSM” – acts of bondage, submission and sadomasochism. A few decades ago this was called B&amp...   More

  • 50 Shades of Conquests

    by Jeremy Evans, Ratio Christi student, Western Michigan University

    Admittedly, I wanted nothing to do with Fifty Shades of Grey. When I heard of its title and its intended purpose as a romance novel of sorts, I took extraordinary measures to dodge it as I never was a fan of contemporary romance-related media, having seen more than enough of it from the Twilight franchise.   More

  • The Truth About the Crusades

    The Truth About the Crusades

    by Clay Jones, D.Min., Associate Professor of Christian Apologetics at Biola University (excerpt reprinted with permission from

    Of all the kinds of historical hypocrisy that is attributed to the Christian, none looms as large as the crusades. Thomas Madden, Professor of History and Director of...   More

  • Powerhouse Apologist Couple Working Together at Winthrop University

    Meet Devin Pellew and Melissa Sturdivant Pellew, a powerhouse couple at our Ratio Christi chapter at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. They are both in the undergraduate Apologetics program at Southern Evangelical Bible College within Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES).

    "Devin was invited to help start the chapter by Stephanie Kimble, a local pastor's wife in Rock Hill," Melissa explains. "Stephanie...   More

  • Spending Time with Adam Tucker, RC's Graphic Design Guru

    You could say the art of Graphic Design has been around since the days of drawings on cave walls and hieroglyphics. It’s specifically used to tell a story or get a point across in words, pictures and symbols. Today, graphic design is used for everything from business cards and websites to advertising, social media and more. Professional creative graphic designers must possess innovative minds with an artistic desire to create new images and new ways of grabbing peoples’ attentio...   More