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  • Jane Pantig, Apologist by God's Design

    Jane Pantig is Ratio Christi’s chapter leader at San Jose State University in California. The odd thing is, she once had a hard time telling people about her faith in Christ. It’s no wonder – her Bachelor’s Degree is in Biology, a field where God's design in creation is barely given a thought.

    “In fact,” Pantig says, “Our professor tried to encourage the class to go make f...   More

  • Update: The Hobby Lobby Case and Your Religious Rights

    Attorney Jeremy Tedesco is with Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF has been Ratio Christi’s legal counsel for three years, and Tedesco was assigned to advise RC on campus legal issues. Once he got in tune with RC's mission and vision, the relationship developed and today he is on our Board of Directors.

    We caught up with Tedesco after the Hobby Lobby case had its landmark day in front of the Supreme Cour...   More

  • Celebrating the Success of Movie “God’s Not Dead”

    Ratio Christi is thrilled at the success of the movie "God's Not Dead" which premiered in U.S. theatres March 21st. Congratulations to Pure Flix and everyone associated with the film from producers to actors to crew! The figures are in for this Christian-themed flick, and they’re outstanding.   More

  • Announcing the First Ratio Christi National Field Director

    Meet Tom Gilson, Ratio Christi’s first National Field Director. To succeed and expand, every worthwhile organization needs a strategic plan. And for growth as fast as ours, we need to be sure that none of the building is on a weak foundation. We believe Gilson is a leader who can show us the way and keep us focused on the main thing – bringing glory to God and people to Christ.

    Gilson brings a wealth of practical experience to our team. His resume includes writing...   More

  • Must-See Movie Opens March 21: God's Not Dead

    The Ratio Christi team is excited about a new movie premiering nationwide Friday, March 21. Pure Flix is releasing "God's Not Dead," a dynamic film about the present-day rejection of Christ and Christianity on college and university campuses.

    Actor Kevin Sorbo plays a philosophy professor who is a devout atheist. He begins class on the first day by telling students they must believe God is dead and ch...   More