Negligent Evangelism:

Why we can’t just answer with “It’s a sin.”

Speedy Summary:

Sharing the Gospel with members of the LBGT+ movement needs to be understood in terms that they understand. Simply answering questions on sexual deviance with the pat answer that it’s a sin is technically correct but incomplete and it’s this negligence on the part of the Christian Apologist that is doing damage to our message.

It’s time you guys. It’s time that we stop avoiding questions about homosexuality by brushing them off with “it’s a sin” and thinking that this answer resonates with the masses. It does not resonate and it is not helping shine biblical light on the more central issues.

Let me be clear before you start panicking: Homosexuality in practice is a sin. There is no amount of Scriptural acrobatics that can be used to get around it. Homosexuality is a twisting and marring of God’s design for sexuality and we as Christians need to be defending God’s design for all walks of life including, but not limited to, the LBGT+ Community.

Now that you’re not worried I am going to be too progressive here, let’s dig deeper.


Our mission is to equip students and faculty with reasons for following Jesus. “Thoughtful” denotes a double meaning. It is both compassionate and considerate as well as rational and reflective.

A common question

When I do public speaking events teaching and training on Christianity, we always open up for live Q&A at the end. And every single time I am asked about what the Bible has to say about Homosexuality. No surprises here, it is a pressing issue in today’s world. But here’s the thing, and I ask you to pay close attention. Lean into this with me: the only other question I am asked every single time is what is sin?