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    Ratio Christi Associate Releases Apologetics Curriculum for Tweens

    Tom Griffin, project manager for Ratio Christi's Truth Matters TV show, has taken his 13 years of experience teaching fifth grade Sunday School in his local church and developed it into a published curriculum for use by homeschool teachers, parents, grandparents, and Sunday School teachers.  The one-year curriculum includes weekly scripture and apologetics lessons.  The Leader's Guide is an essential tool for getting the most out of the study which is available for fifth through eighth graders.  For downloadable samples of each grade, go to this link where you will also find information on ordering.

    Ratio Christi to Provide Apologetics Resources on Major Motion Picture App

    Kevin and Sam Sorbo are teaming up with Sean Hannity to produce a faith-based filmed.  Let There Be Light​ will arrive in theaters on Oct. 27.  Sam Sorbo has invited Ratio Christi to provide apologetics related material for the movie app in hopes of answering movie goers' initial inquiries into Christianity.  Ratio Christi has called on its partnerships with The Poached Egg, Mama Bear Apologetics, and our own Truth Matters television show to provide material for the app.  Stay tuned for more information when the movie and the app release.

    Ratio Christi Launches "Truth Matters" Live Streaming Show

    Join us weekly starting January 23 at 7 p.m. Eastern time for "Truth Matters" with host Tony Gurule. First guests for the three, 30-minute episodes with be Julie Loos, Director RC Boosters: Michael Sherrard, Director RC College Prep; Corey Miller, President RC.

    Our first topic will focus on truth and apologetics. The three back to back episodes feature the same topic handled at different levels: introductory, intermediate, and advanced.

    Watch our 90-minute LIVE show each Monday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST
    Ways to watch:
    1) Trinity Channel's website: http://www.trinitychannel.com/live-webcast
    2) IPTV & SmartTV: Maax IPTV, Planet IPTV, Joozoor IPTV, Roku, Zaap IPTV, and other outlets
    3) Apple, Android, and Roku App: Name of app is "ABNSat"
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    Shows are broadcast through satellite to North America, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, and the Middle East
    Short bio:

    Tony Gurule is a full-time missionary on Ratio Christi's National Staff. He is RC's Social Media, IT, and HR Support Specialist, the Assistant Director of Chapter Formation, and the Host of Ratio Christi Television (Truth Matters). He is also a Community Apologist who speaks in churches and organizations to inform and equip both adults and youth, especially in the areas of evangelism, apologetics, and Islam.
    Bio page link: http://ratiochristi.org/people/tony-gurule

    "What Would You Give?" Campaign

    Let me ask you three important questions.

    1. What would you give to see:
    • high school and college students, as well as professors, equipped to stand for faith on campuses
    • a renaissance of Christian thinking on campus fueled and burning bright;
    • the next generation trained in conversational evangelism and transforming culture? 

    2. Would you give up, say:
    • two coffee drinks a month, or
    • a lunch out a month, or
    • one movie ticket?

    Ratio Christi made good progress in our year-end fundraising goal. However, we still have some work to do. In order to be fiscally sound and properly funded, my part of the goal is to raise an additional $300/month in support by April 15. Monthly is key. And the good news is a generous benefactor is matching up to $2,000 in monthly funding. When you come on my ministry support team, your impact will be doubled!

    I want to make this doable for people. So, if I could get 30 people to donate just $10/month, my goal is met.

    Here’s my final question:

    3. Would you be one of my 30?

    It's really simple to set up giving on line by going to this link.

    With your help, we’ll equip, fuel, train, and transform. That’s a great eternal impact for a small earthly sum. If you'd like to see some of the great work we did last year, check out our year in review.

    Thank you in advance,
    Julie Loos

    Director Ratio Christi Boosters

    New Apologetics Resource Available for Parents

    Natasha Crain has written a book especially for parents to learn to have conversations with their kids about apologetics topics. It's called Keeping Your Kids on God's Side. 40 Conversations to Help Them Build a Lasting Faith. It's available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you or your children or grandchildren are new to apologetics, this book is a great tool to get you started. Joining Ratio Christi Boosters is a logical next step. By reading this book, you are embodying the Ratio Christi Boosters theme: Teach Yourselves. Train Your Child. Transform the World.

    Here's the endorsement I wrote for the book:

    Many well-intentioned godly parents unknowingly send their children out into the world malnourished by an insufficient diet of evidence for their faith. They have not introduced them to the solid food of apologetics.  We know.  Ratio Christi sees it every day in our chapters on high school and college campuses. Students come to us starving for ways to defend their faith from intellectual assault. As the director of parent outreach, I’ve been looking for a tool to recommend to parents so they can start this training early at home. This is it. Start feeding your family a steady diet of Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side to strengthen their hearts and minds for the battles against the secular smorgasbord they will face. Natasha delivers a first course in apologetics and Christian worldview thinking that is easy to digest, peppered with personal humorous anecdotes, and seasoned with key insights. If you do your job and Ratio Christi does ours, together we will nourish a generation fortified in their faith and trained to transform the world for Christ. Bon appétit!
    — Julie Loos
    Director, Ratio Christi Boosters

    New resources for high school and college students and their parents: Anchors Away

    Ratio Christi is always pleased to partner with other like-minded Christian apologetics ministries and resources. We've recently connected with Anchorsaway--a ministry dedicated to the transformation of hearts and minds through the teaching of the Christian worldview. They have two different sets of curriculum parents and churches might be particularly interested in using to train their high school and college students. In fact, parents, like our Boosters, could use their curriculum to live out our motto to: Teach Yourself. Train Your Child. Transform the World. Nancy Fitzgerald, founder and executive director, and Shelly Aristizabal, director of marketing, shared with Ratio Christi about their resources:

    Anchorsaway Ministry equips teachers to teach and start their own Anchor groups in their community. Anchorsaway has written and published the Anchorsaway Christian Worldview Curriculum for junior and senior high and college students. The Unanswered: Smoke, Mirrors and God adult series including a book, small group study guide, and a video DVD for all the lessons is designed to be used in a church or home in a small group study group. Both curricula teach foundational apologetics of the Christian faith, other faiths and worldviews, and how to speak truth into others with gentleness and respect. We expect our students to learn the truth of the Scriptures, how to defend through apologetical discourse, how to live out the truth in everyday life, how to listen to others, how to love unconditionally, and how to lead others, through the work of the Holy Spirit, into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    Anchorsaway Christian Worldview Curriculum:
    • College-level Christian worldview educational experience targeting high school juniors and seniors and college students.
    • The purpose is to encourage each student’s biblical and spiritual growth as they learn to confidently live out their faith in every area of life.
    • An Anchorsaway student will develop a deeper understanding of the Christian faith. They will be prepared to give an answer to those who who have questions about God, our purpose and hope that we can all have in this broken world. Students will learn the apologetics of the Christian faith as well as how to live out Truth in all of life.
    • Teacher training required.

    Unanswered: Smoke, Mirrors and God
    • Adult series including a book, small group study guide, and a video DVD for all the lessons.
    • Designed to be used in a church or home in a small group study group.
    • The title of this project reflects the confusion that many of us have about God. The book and the study guide with a DVD that has amazing videos to be watched before each lesson, sets this curriculum apart from all other small group studies. The definition of smoke and mirrors is, “Cover-up: something that is intended to draw attention away from something else that somebody would prefer to remain unnoticed.” (Bing dictionary).
    • It is the intention of this study to free people from religious demands and from performing for God and others in hopes of being “good enough for God”.  We think that by working through the entire study, you will get a fresh, perhaps new perspective, as to how God loves and equips us to make a difference in this world beginning with our own families at home, in the church or at the workplace.

    Michael Sherrard, Ratio Christi College Prep director, will be using some of the Anchorsaway material as recommended resources for our RCCP trained mentors. Boosters will be reviewing the material in more detail later, but we wanted to let you know about this to investigate for yourselves if you are looking for a study for you, your older children, or your church/community. We are also thankful that Anchorsaway has also chosen to list Ratio Christi as one of their partners.

    RC Boosters Partners with B&H Publishing to Promote Student Apologetics Bible and Online Study

    Win a Bible!

    Ratio Christi Boosters is pleased to announce that we are partnering with B&H Publishing to promote their Apologetics Study Bible for Students and their 16-week Confident Faith online study. (Parents, hint, hint--there is an adult version of this Bible as well.) If you will go to our Boosters page, check it out, and fill out our involvement form, we will enter you in a drawing for a free Bible. (Mention in the Comments section of the form “Bible Giveaway.”)

    At RC Boosters we encourage parents, and especially moms, to teach yourself, train your child, and transform the world. This Bible and accompanying study are perfect tools for doing that.

    RC Boosters also has a page of recommended resources (check back occasionally for updates) that serve as a gateway to the study of apologetics. You can help train the next generation to defend truth and Christianity on high school and college campuses across the world! We would appreciate your support of this Bible and our ministry as we all partner together to guide our children and youth into a more confident faith.

    Drawing for Bible will be held on Aug. 4.

    Ryan Huxley and Hillary Ferrer Join RC Booster Team

    Ratio Christi is pleased to announce the addition of two outstanding apologists and ministry friends to the network of RC Boosters. Ryan Huxley and Hillary Ferrer will be helping to promote the Ratio Christi mission and vision to churches and parents. In particular, they will be spearheading, along with Julie Loos, the Youth Exodus Project (Y.E.P.). This project is a collaborative effort of the several ministries to compile, analyze, and share all the research that has and is being done on the issue of our youth leaving the faith. The project will analyze the causes, the problem, and suggest solutions to turn the tide. Look for this team to make the project and its presentation available soon. For Ryan and Hillary's bios, see our Team page.

    New Prayer Requests Listed on RC Boosters Pray page

    Please help cover the work we do at Ratio Christi in prayer. Pray for us intentionally and frequently. You can see updated prayer requests and ongoing requests on the Boosters Pray page. Better yet, sign up to be a prayer partner and ask others to join you.

    Julie Loos named to MBC Apologetics Network

    Julie Loos serves as Ratio Christi's Director of RC Boosters, the community outreach and involvement arm of the ministry. She lives in Missouri and is now part of the Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network.

    The Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network is a group of church leaders committed to the defense of the Christian faith and called to equip believers to more effectively share their faith.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to equip every Missouri Baptist to defend the Christian faith with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15-16).

    Our Mission

    We are MBC-approved Christian apologists who equip others to defend the faith by speaking and providing resources that enable Missouri Baptists to become bolder and more effective in sharing Christ with others.

    MBC Network Apologists

    These network members are available for training events, conferences, and other speaking engagements.

    Mark your calendars now!

    Join us in praying for college campuses across America! Register to pray on the Collegiate Day of Prayer, Feb. 26, 2015. Adopt a campus(es) as an individual, a church, a community. For more information: www.collegiatedayofprayer.org.

    January 2015 Prayer Emphasis

    Please join us in praying for a semester of growth, perserverance and protection for our chapters.

    Ratio Christi at Hollywood Prayer Summons

    Julie Loos, Director of Ratio Christi Boosters, will represent the ministry at the Hollywood Prayer Summons, Oct. 1-5, 2014. The Summons is part of the National Day of Prayer Task Force's bus tour across America praying for Media and Entertainment. prayer leaders from around the nation as we unite in prayer for America’s Media and Entertainment. The Summons can be viewed live on line at this link.

    During this time, prayer teams will be assigned to various parts of the city to pray over every key area of need throughout the region. Particpiants will have special access to behind-the-scenes areas including movie studios and will experience education on prayer, praise and worship, on-location gatherings of solemn assembly and more. Shirley Dobson will be one of the keynote speakers.

    “It’s important that Christians are here in Hollywood because if we’re not here we leave this void, this hole– and we can’t expect people who don’t know Jesus to act like they know Him,” said Shun Lee, President and Creative Director of Greenhouse Productions. (As quoted on the NDOP Task Force website.)

    The cultural elite are a huge mission field for Christians. Ratio Christi is preparing ambassadors for Christ through apologetics training to go into their fields of study from college and impact the world for Christ. Also, media and entertainment are a huge influence on the college students so the worldview portrayed via Hollywood impacts our youth and young adults greatly.

    Ratio Christi on Stand to Reason Radio with Greg Koukl

    Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason will interview Julie Loos on his radio show Tuesday. 9/30.This will stream live and she will be on the first portion, at 4:00 PM Pacific Time (7:00 EST, etc). To listen live, go to this link.  There will also be options to listen by iPhone, Android or Windows apps.

    If you’re unable to listen at this time, it will be available shortly afterward at their Podcast archives and on iTunes.

    September Prayer Focus

    Pray for protection over our website, social media strategy, and human resources; for shrewdness and creativity in using technology for kingdom glory and ministry development. This is especially key right now as we ramp up the promotion of our upcoming RC Symposium and Student Retreat.

    Ratio Christi August Prayer Emphasis

    Pray for RC Boosters this month. For opportunities to advance the ministry through speaking/writing/networking and to generate solid, sustainable support through prayer, finances and relationships. Pray for people's hearts to be prepared to grasp our mission and vision and to come on board as Boosters.

    July Ministry Prayer Focus

    Please pray for RC College Prep as we finalize details to roll out this mentor training: administrative needs, funding, leadership, future mentors and students who will attend training, materials and ministry partnerships to help promote this crucial program.

    Apologetics Resource for Parents

    I just learned of an apologetics book for children ages 10 through teens written by our own Ramon Margallo who serves Ratio Christi in the Philippines. Margallo says the book is also a good beginning course in apologetics for adults. "The Manger, the Cross and the Empty Tomb." You can find the title here. Don't forget to order it through Amazon Smile and choose Ratio Christi as the benefactor of your purchases.

    June Ministry Prayer Focus

    During the month of June please pray for the following:

    • wisdom,courage, intentionality, the right attitude and favor from individuals, groups, churches, and businesses in asking, receiving, and using financial gifts given both nationally and individually. (The summer is a key fundraising time especially for our Chapter Directors.)

    How to Train Your Kids

    Online video training with our friend Brett Kunkle at Stand to Reason. Great resource for parents.