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RCCP: Join or Start a Club

Join or Start an RC College Prep Club

Let's begin. We have just two questions: What do you need? And who are you? That should give us a good start.

"I want to join a club"

Or, "I'm not sure. I need to find out if there is an RCCP club in my area."

Great, to find an existing high school club go here. Please be patient though. We are just starting out and don't have a lot of clubs yet. That's why we need you to be a pioneer for truth.

If you are interested in seeing what colleges or universities in your area might have a club go here

If you aren't sure or need assistance contact us here.

Now, if you found a club near you and would like to join and you are:

  • A high school student: Go here and fill out the "Join a College Prep Club"
  • An adult who would like to assist in some way. A parent, grandparent, pastor, church or organiation leader, apologist, teacher, or wombat. Simple.  Go here.:

See, that wasn't so bad.

"I want to start a club"

Well, that will take a little more effort, but let's see if we can get you started. 

"I am a student"

"I am an adult interested in being a mentor" 

"I am a pastor or church/organization/school leader"

Any of the above? Then start here and you will want to check this out as well.

"I am a giraffe looking for a wheelbarrow." 

I have no idea how to help you. Good luck. Seriously, no idea.