Cross Allen: Gentleness and Respect

Cross stepped in as the second student president of the club at Kansas State University and has taken his leadership position very seriously. He cares about the success of the club because he understands the importance of the mission and vision of Ratio Christi. He delegates well and takes the initiative to get the job done. My favorite example of initiative and leadership that Cross displays is epitomized by helping fellow officers and members by looking over their presentation before they give it on a Ratio Christi night. This shows a love of solid teaching and a natural disposition for discipleship. Cross is dependable and a good role model for the culture of the club.

Another thing that will serve Cross as an ambassador for Christ is he is always the first one to remind everyone about the demeanor of the conversation if things start getting heated. He helps everyone remember that we are engaging with gentleness and respect which means we don’t get together to bash other worldviews or each other’s views. But instead, we are here to engage thoughtfully – all the while trying to guide them to see that they can have saving faith in Jesus.

When did you come to Christ as Lord and Savior, and how did that come about?

I came to Christ at a young age and couldn’t really give you an exact date. My parents were positive Christian role models, and my family moved me in that direction.

In your high school church youth group, how much did you learn about the Christian faith and reasons to believe?

In my high school youth group, we were very superficial in our apologetics. There wasn’t an emphasis on personal study, more of the standard, “It’s right because it’s obvious, and obvious because it’s right.” I learned that atheists were just ignorant, and that our theological positions were obvious from scripture. We didn’t learn much about church history, or about other denominations.

How did you become interested in apologetics, and how did you get involved with Ratio Christi?

Academic study has always been an aspect of my life, and that naturally transitioned into my spiritual life, especially when I underwent a “dark night of the soul.” I was also very superficial in my study at first, but progressively began to learn more. My friend, Ben Pankratz, had just started this RC chapter, and so I went, and I absolutely loved it!

What impact has the Ratio Christi College ministry had on your walk with God and your ministry?

It has humbled me immensely. There is so much information out there, and it has helped me grow more nuanced in my perspectives, especially around varying views like Genesis interpretations, canon, and God’s sovereignty. I now have the skills to talk to people outside the church and inside the church about varying controversial topics and handle myself with respect and grace.

What is this RC chapter like?

This semester, we really wanted to focus on training in evangelism and theological triage. Through training, we hope to prepare our students to be able to knock down arguments but interact positively with believers and unbelievers alike.

What were some of your favorite areas of involvement with your local RC chapter?

I really love hearing different positions and presenting theological ideas. It’s been a blessing to learn more about these topics and understand the people who hold them.

What does your Legatus Christi award mean to you?

It means so much! It’s easy to get discouraged, especially as we struggle to keep the chapter moving along.

How do you envision taking the apologetics you have learned through Ratio Christi into your future endeavors?

As I depart from Kansas State this semester, I will take the knowledge of how to hold meaningful conversations with people on with me, always looking to put little rocks in my friend’s shoes.

What are your short and long-term career/ministry/mission plans?

As of now, my plan is to serve a rural community as a physician. However, it is my goal to minister implicitly wherever I go!

Would you consider returning to work with your RC chapter, starting one at another school, or working with RC in any other capacity?

I would love to continue working with RC, although currently, I have no idea what that will look like. I also would love to participate in the RCCP, filling in things that I lacked in my high school groups.

What would you say to other students who might be considering getting involved in Ratio Christi, whether they be skeptics, seekers, or believers?

Ratio Christi is so much more than just a ministry for nerds! We are an organization that is seeking truth and learning how to engage the culture in meaningful ways. We can help supplement other ministries’ efforts to evangelize their community, and we can also serve those with information not typically present in other ministries. Even if you’re not a nerd, we’d still love to have deep conversations with you, and help point you towards Christ!

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