Infectious Enthusiasm for Apologetics Apparent in Victoria Warner: Legatus Christi Award Winner

When Victoria joined our group at Ratio Christi Liberty, her enthusiasm for Christian apologetics infected us all. She immediately began deeply investigating every issue that we discussed. She routinely related her interactions with unbelievers while sharing her concerns and questions.

Hers was the first request for attendance at the National Conference on Christian Apologetics, prompting others to join our excursion to Charlotte, where we were bombarded with presentations by world-class apologists.

When our club president graduated, Victoria graciously agreed to take the helm, moving us forward with verve. She led the discussions introducing apologetics to new members and explaining how to do relational apologetics. Her diligence in interacting with Student Government secured club funding for us, and was instrumental in co-sponsoring the extraordinary presentation by Dr. Paul Copan Is God a Moral Monster? She shared social media responsibilities, promoting Ratio Christi. 

I have been blessed to watch Victoria grow in her Christian maturity! 

Q: When did you come to Christ as Lord and Savior, and how did that come about?

When I was 17 I accepted Christ as Savior on a youth trip to New York City. I knew in my heart there had to be a God. However, I struggled with unanswered questions throughout the following years and really doubted Christianity at one point. When I found out about Ratio Christi, I was beyond excited. I started going to every discussion meeting and listening to different apologetics podcasts on the way to school. I was intrigued. I am thankful for how Ratio Christi and Christian Apologetics has radically helped me grow in my faith. 

Q: In your high school church youth group, how much did you learn about the Christian faith and reasons to believe?

I did not find out about Ratio Christi until college. My high school church youth group did not answer the hard questions for me. I wrestled with certain questions in high school. However, I am thankful for how our youth group focused on the truth and importance of scripture.

Q: What impact has the Ratio Christi College ministry had on your walk with God and your personal ministry?

I was first introduced to Ratio Christi later in college and it has completely shifted my perspective on the world. Before I became involved with Ratio Christi, I was so sick with selfishness. I can now see that life is not about me at all. It is about serving and honoring the King of the universe. Ratio Christi has helped me keep a close watch on all that I do and think. I believe God is preparing and equipping me to do what he has called all of us to do, preach the Gospel with confidence.

Q: What is this Ratio Christi chapter like?

Currently, the RC club meets every week for about an hour on campus. We discuss different topics and a new video is shared each week as well.

Q: What were some of your favorite areas of involvement with your local RCCP chapter?

I was not involved in RCCP. My first encounter with Ratio Christi was at Liberty University. Honestly, going to the NCCA conference in North Carolina was phenomenal. I learned so much and was able to share that experience with some wonderful RC members.

Q: What does the your Legatus Christi award mean to you?

I am truly honored by the Legatus Christi award. Wow! Although I am not pursuing an apologetics career, I do hold a special passion for it. I want others to know about apologetics and I am always excited to share it with anyone willing to hear the truth.

Q: How do you envision taking the apologetics you have learned through Ratio Christi into your future endeavors?

First, my goal as an educator is to teach music during the school year and then evangelize during the summer. I am not sure exactly how everything is going to turn out, however, I look forward to using the knowledge God has given me to help others understand their purpose here on earth.

Q: What are your short and long-term career/ministry/mission plans?

Short term plan is to finish my student teaching at Liberty University as a music teacher. My long-term plan is to become a music teacher, to share and defend the gospel at the same time along the way. I would like to do evangelism during the summer.

Q: Would you consider coming back to work with your RC chapter, starting one at another school, or working with RC in any other capacity?

I would love to continue working with Dighton (chapter director). I am not sure where the Lord will lead me but I am open to what he has for me.

Q: What would you say to other students who might be considering getting involved in Ratio Christi, whether they be skeptics, seekers, or believers?

I would encourage them to get involved. I would encourage them to seek the foundational arguments for the Christian faith and to know at least the basics of why they believe what they believe. I would let them know that God tells us in his word to love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind. We are living in a time where people care more about feeling over facts. We need to know the facts of Christianity. We need to know how to defend it.

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