Legacy Society

The Ratio Christi Legacy Society ensures that we can effectively share the Gospel on college and university campuses into the future.  The goal of the Ratio Christi Legacy Society is to provide you with unique and thoughtful ways to support the important work of Ratio Christi even after you’re gone.


Share the Gospel Even After You’re Gone

We plant trees today even though we may never sit in their shade. We encourage you to plant such trees with Ratio Christi. Our mission is to change the college campus today and change culture tomorrow. The Ratio Christi Legacy Society allows you to partner with us as we strive to bring the Gospel to universities today – and tomorrow.


Structure Your Legacy Gift

Specific Bequest

A specific bequest involves making a gift of a specific asset, such as cash, real estate, a vehicle or other tangible property. For example, you may want to leave a vacation home or specific dollar amount in your will or trust.

Percentage or Residual Bequest

This form of gift involves leaving a specific percentage of your estate to a charity. For example, you may wish to designate that a specific percentage of your estate go to Ratio Christi.

Residual Bequest

This gift is made from the balance of your estate after each of the specific bequests to the beneficiaries listed in the will or trust has given away. A common residual bequest leaves a percentage of the residue of the estate to charity. You could specify a specific percentage of the residue of your estate for Ratio Christi once beneficiaries, taxes and any other outstanding debt issues are resolved.

Contingent Bequest

A contingent bequest is made to the charity only if the purpose of the primary bequest cannot be met. For example, you leave a vacation home to a relative, but if that relative is not alive or able to assume ownership at the time of your death, the vacation home would then go to Ratio Christi.