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    Hypocrisy Part II

    On Thursday, January 30, we will finish our study on hypocrisy, with a good set of notes from James Spiegel's book: Hypocrisy: Moral Fraud and Other Vices.  We've looked at what philsophers and theologians say about hypocrisy, and we've taken a look at various different scenarios where hypocrisy may or may not be present in a given person's life.  The conversation has been stimulating, fun, and hopefully edifying.  Tonight, we'll look at what Jesus says about hypocrisy by looking at some texts in the book of Matthew.  Please join us at 6pm in the Fireside Room. 

    Spiegel's book can be purchased at low cost here

    Thursday, October 24: How Can I Share My Faith With Confidence and Humility?

    This Thursday evening, we'll discuss how to share the gospel with people in a dialogical fashion.  That is, in dialogue.  In this lesson, we'll look at a Philosophy of Life Survey, people can use to get into a genuine encounter with people, and what makes them tick.  There are four questions pertinent to every worldview (some philosophers submit as many as twelve): Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny.  Asking people what they think about where we came from, what gives life meaning (or, happiness), how we arrive at moral codes, and where we are going as the human race are great questions to get to know people, and to also ask them about what Jesus of Nazareth has to say about these topics.  

    I was able to have some fascinating discussion with students using this survey on Monday, and I am very excited to be able to continue in this, by the grace of God.  



    This Week's Study, October 10

    This week, we are studying the natur of hell.  One student asks, "Is hell a place of real fire, or a dark abyss?"  We will discuss the different views on hell: eternal conscious torment, annihilationism, and existence in hell as "non-being."  
    We will also discuss the unorthodox teaching of universal salvation.  

    What's Ahead

    Starting this Thursday, Sept. 5, we will begin a series of questions from students.  Students were asked to write down questions they have about God, Christianity, and the Bible.  Some of the questions are: 

    • How do we know that the Bible contains what was originially said or writeen?  
    • Is determinism true?  Do humans have free will?  If God is sovereign over all, is he the author of sin?
    • Why does John say "No one has seen God" when many of the OT saints saw God? 
    • What did God experience when Jesus died?
    • Why are so many Christians rude and unloving toward unbelievers? 
    • Is God male, female, or neither? 
    • Why did God create the devil if he knew that he would eventually tempt man to sin?
    • How do I respond to the claims of Islam? 
    • Do homosexuals go to hell if they believe and live a good life? 
    • What is the nature of hell?  Fiery lake or godless abyss?  
    • How can I be confident as well as humble in defedning my faith? 
    • Creation and evolution: what am I supposed to think?
    • Can I lose my salvation?
    • What in the Bible should we take as literal and what should we take as a general message? 
    • How can I know that the Bible is the inspired word of God? 

    We will deal with these questions and more during out meetings this semester.  

    Lenoir Rhyne First Meeting on August 29th

    Join Ratio Christi at Lenoir Rhyne University in the Fireside Room at 6pm on Thursday, August 29. Come prepared to discuss, "If you had two hours with God what would you ask Him?"

    Mike Adams to Speak at Lenoir Rhyne

    Ratio Christi at Lenoir Rhyne is hosting a lecture on Spiritual and Intellectual development. The guest speaker will be Dr. Mike Adams, a Sociology and Criminology professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington will present on "Postmodernism, Political Correctness, and Christianity" from 7-9 pm on Thursday January 19, 2012. A Q&A with Dr. Adams will follow his presentation. 

    Event Details Here