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    Sign Up for a Summer Term at the Oxford Study Centre in England

    The Oxford Study Centre has joined Ratio Christi. Sign up now to study abroad in Oxford this summer.

    Another semester comes to an end...

    We held our final meeting with a huge event outside the student center on April 20th! Look for us at your local church and freshman orientation over the summer. See you in the Fall!

    Meeting cancelled

    Our regularly scheduled meeting for this Thursday is cancelled due to our outreach event the same day from 12-3pm! Join us there for Live music, free food, drinks, and other giveaways!

    Ratio Christi's "Truth Matters" Begins on All NRBTV Outlets April 8, 2017

    PRESS RELEASE -- Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance announces an agreement with NRBTV for the RC-TV streaming/satellite show, “Truth Matters” to begin airing weekly on NRBTV on Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 10:30 PM Eastern, 7:30 PM Pacific. This includes nationwide viewing on DIRECTV channel 378 in the U.S.

    RC-TV’s “Truth Matters” began airing on various streaming and satellite stations in January 2017. The program is dedicated to providing believers and skeptics with the evidence for the Christian worldview. It is a weekly show appealing to a wide audience: from parents, pastors and lay people, to high school and college students, to university professors. “Truth Matters” is the broadcast outreach of Ratio Christi.

    About Ratio Christi: RC is a non-denominational, non-profit global movement with more than 200 boots-on-the-ground college and university chapters and high school clubs equipping students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ. RC also has a special outreach to professors with a goal of bringing a “renaissance of Christian thinking” and consideration of the Christian worldview back into academia.

    RC meetings provide a safe and charitable venue for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and adherents to any religion to investigate the claims of Christianity, discuss religious beliefs, and seek truth without fearing reprisal.

    About NRBTV: NRBTV is a Christian TV channel headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. It is seen nationwide on DIRECTV and select broadcast affiliates. The channel is also streamed worldwide on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV (fourth generation) streaming players, via a free mobile app, and online streaming. NRBTV is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization reaching a global audience 24 hours a day with thought-provoking, Christ-centered programming. 

    President/CEO of Ratio Christi Dr. Corey Miller:
    "We are very grateful for NRBTV giving us the opportunity to expand our ministry of equipping people with reasons to follow Jesus in an increasingly skeptical world.”

    NRBTV Senior Director of Programming, Arline Bell:
    “NRBTV is excited to be adding this resourceful apologetics program to our lineup. Our viewers look to us for this type of educational content and we are honored that Ratio Christi has chosen to partner with us.”

    See the "Truth Matters" Promo Video on the NRBTV website. Members of the media can arrange interviews with Dr. Miller or other Ratio Christi spokespersons by contacting Sheryl Young, Media Outreach Coordinator, or (813) 486-8594.

    Mark Phillips to present on "Natural Law"

    Mark is an educator and designer. He teaches Christian Counseling at Tri State Bible College, and currently has an international client base for his graphic design work for publishers. Mark resides in Proctorville, Ohio, where he leads an apologetics group for high school students at his church, teaches adult Sunday school, and leads regular Bible studies on matters such as apologetics, church history, and hermeneutics. 

    Mark will be teaching on the subject of Natural Law - What Paul uses in Romans 1-2 to establish the guilt of the gentiles. His discussion Includes a discussion of objective morality, especially a close look at Nuremberg. 

    Marks education includes: 

    Southern Evangelical Seminary, Pursuing D.Min. Apologetics

    Luther Rice University & Seminary, MDiv Apologetics (2014)

    Liberty Theological Seminary, M.A.R., Biblical Studies (2008)

    The Ohio State University, B.S., Industrial Design (1985)

    The meeting is free to everyone and will be stremed live on Facebook at 6:30 pm Thursday, April 13th.

    Buddhist to present at Ratio Christi meeting "Live"!

    Next Thursday, Adam Hamby, a professing Buddhist, will be presenting what he has titled "Polar Opposites: Comparing morality in Christianity and Buddhism." The event will be streamed "live" on Facebook. Adam is a junior at Marshall University majoring in Psychology. This presentation is part of our regular meeting in room 2W37 upstairs at the Memorial Student Center. Everyone is welcome to attend or watch live on the Ratio Christi Marshall University Facebook page.

    Student to lead "Live" Facebook class!

    In an attempt to strengthen the follower, reach the lost and change culture, Jon Muncy, a sophomore at Marshall University, and treasurer of Ratio Christi, will present Did Jesus really Rise from the Dead! Muncy, a native of Kermit WV, will be live at approximately 7:00 pm Thursday, March 30th! This is a free presentation and part of the mission of Ratio Christi in training ambassadors for Christ. Tune in to the Ratio Christi at Marshall University Facebook page to see how God is moving in this movement on the campus of Marshall University and beyond!

    John Mays to be guest on Truth Matters!

    John Mays, Chapter Director at Marshall University, will be a guest on the RC TV show Truth Matters. The show airs Monday March 13th at 7:00 pm. Please follow the link for availability:

    Live! On Facebook! The Reliability of the Bible

    On Thursday, March 9th, Ratio Christi at Marshall University will be going "Live on Facebook"! John Mays will be presenting the Reliability of the Bible at our regularly scheduled meeting! Join us on campus, upstairs in the student center room 2W37, or watch live beginning at 7:00 pm!

    February Newsletter!

    If you would like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter directly to your inbox send us your email! This month's Newsltter can be read at the following link:

    Meeting Topic

    The topic for our meeting to be held on February 16th will be Eithical Concerns with Human/animal Chimera Research. Our club president, Jake Shuck, will be teaching! Everyone is welcome! We meet in room 2W37, upstairs, in the student center on the campus of Marshall University!!

    Thursday February 9th Meeting topic!

    This Thursday, February 9th, Tobin Little will be teaching on the subject of Bibliolgy! Our meetings are open to everyone and very casual. Join us for a discussion on a very important topic! 

    Location: Upstairs in the Memorial Student Center, on campus, room 2W37 at 6:30 pm!

    Weekly Ratio Christi Chapter Meetings

    CHANGE: The weekly Ratio Christi chapter meetings at ECU will meet at 4:00 pm in Room 1020 in Bate. All students and faculty are welcome!

    Ratio Christi Launches "Truth Matters" Live Streaming Show

    Join us weekly starting January 23 at 7 p.m. Eastern time for "Truth Matters" with host Tony Gurule. First guests for the three, 30-minute episodes with be Julie Loos, Director RC Boosters: Michael Sherrard, Director RC College Prep; Corey Miller, President RC.

    Our first topic will focus on truth and apologetics. The three back to back episodes feature the same topic handled at different levels: introductory, intermediate, and advanced.

    Watch our 90-minute LIVE show each Monday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST
    Ways to watch:
    1) Trinity Channel's website:
    2) IPTV & SmartTV: Maax IPTV, Planet IPTV, Joozoor IPTV, Roku, Zaap IPTV, and other outlets
    3) Apple, Android, and Roku App: Name of app is "ABNSat"
    4) Amazon Fire: Download the "ABNSAT" app
    5) Satellite:
                Download Instructions:
                Satellite: Galaxy 19
                Frequency: 11966H
                Symbol Rate: 22,000
                FEC: 3/4

                Download Instructions:
                Satellite: Optus 2
                Frequency:  12546V
                Symbol Rate: 22,500
                FEC: 3/4
               Download Instructions:
               Satellite: NileSat
               Frequency = 11636 V
               S.R = 27500
    Shows are broadcast through satellite to North America, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, and the Middle East
    Short bio:

    Tony Gurule is a full-time missionary on Ratio Christi's National Staff. He is RC's Social Media, IT, and HR Support Specialist, the Assistant Director of Chapter Formation, and the Host of Ratio Christi Television (Truth Matters). He is also a Community Apologist who speaks in churches and organizations to inform and equip both adults and youth, especially in the areas of evangelism, apologetics, and Islam.
    Bio page link:

    2017 Winter/Spring Semester Meeting Schedule

    Please see the below for our schedule this semester.  For every date, we'll be meeting in the Student Center East room 203 at 6:30pm.  

    January 23rd: Are Faith and Reason Opposites? - open discussion

    January 30th: Is Homosexuality Wrong? - open discussion

    February 6th: Skeptical Look at Atheism - Dr. Andy McIntosh

    February 13th: Jesus and the Quran - Mike Felker, GSU Chapter Director

    February 20th: God and Physics - Dr. Rod Nave

    February 27th: Meme-ology: Answering Popular Anti-Christian Memes - open discussion

    March 6th: Genocide and Slavery in the Bible - Duran Smith, GSU Ratio Christi President

    March 20th: Was Adam a Caveman? - Ben Smith, West Georgia Chapter Director

    March 27th: Does God Give Life Meaning? - open discussion

    April 3rd: Q&A Panel Discussion with the GSU Secular Panther Society

    April 10th: Is the New Testament a Forgery? - Dr. Jeffrey Breshears

    April 17th: Evidence of the Resurrection - Duran Smith, GSU Ratio Christi President

    Thursday January 19 meeting information!

    This Thursday evening, January 19th, Tobin Little will be presenting on the Doctine of Christ. Specifically, this teaching will primarily focus on the Incarnation Of Christ. Join us at 6:30 pm, upstairs in the student center, room 2W37!

    2017 First Meeting

    Our first meeting of the new year is on the FIRST day of class - 1/24/17!

    7:00PM MUB Room 207!

    Come and enjoy a fun night of enjoying and exploring 

    Worldviews and Media!

    As always free food will be enjoyed!

    Spring semester meeting topics!

    We are pleased to share our topics for the spring 2017 semester! Our meetings are casual, open, and very laid back. Everyone is invited to attend.

    Christianity and the Nature of Science
    Jesus, The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived
    Miracles and the Modern Mind
    In Defense of the Soul
    Apologetics and the Spiritual Life
    Answers to Bioethical Questions
    Prolegomena to Theology - Introduction to the study of Theology
    Bibliogy - Doctrine of the Bible
    Theology Proper - Doctrine of God
    Christology - Doctrine of Christ
    Pneumatology - Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
    Angelology - Doctrine of Angels

    Our hope is to provide an overview of each subject, with a basic understanding to use as a foundation for what and why we believe what we believe.
    One subject a week, but obviously may take more than a week on any given topic.

    December newsletter!

    We haven't shared our bi-monthly newsletter here in the past, but thought some may be interested. If you don't currently receive it, and would like to be added to our mailing list, send us your email at!

    Spring Meetings!

    Our first meeting of the Spring semester will be held on Thursday, January 12th at 6:30 pm! They will continue throughout the semester on Thursday's in Room 2W37 in the student center! The following is a list of topics we will be covering. Also, our President, Vice, and others will be presenting on the majority of these topics!

    Christianity and the Nature of Science
    Jesus, The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived
    Miracles and the Modern Mind
    In Defense of the Soul
    Apologetics and the Spiritual Life
    Answers to Bioethical Questions
    Prolegomena to Theology - Introduction to the study of Theology
    Bibliogy - Doctrine of the Bible
    Theology Proper - Doctrine of God
    Christology - Doctrine of Christ
    Pneumatology - Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
    Angelology - Doctrine of Angels