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    Meeting Topic

    The topic for our meeting to be held on February 16th will be Eithical Concerns with Human/animal Chimera Research. Our club president, Jake Shuck, will be teaching! Everyone is welcome! We meet in room 2W37, upstairs, in the student center on the campus of Marshall University!!

    Thursday February 9th Meeting topic!

    This Thursday, February 9th, Tobin Little will be teaching on the subject of Bibliolgy! Our meetings are open to everyone and very casual. Join us for a discussion on a very important topic! 

    Location: Upstairs in the Memorial Student Center, on campus, room 2W37 at 6:30 pm!

    Weekly Ratio Christi Chapter Meetings

    CHANGE: The weekly Ratio Christi chapter meetings at ECU will meet at 4:00 pm in Room 1020 in Bate. All students and faculty are welcome!

    Ratio Christi Launches "Truth Matters" Live Streaming Show

    Join us weekly starting January 23 at 7 p.m. Eastern time for "Truth Matters" with host Tony Gurule. First guests for the three, 30-minute episodes with be Julie Loos, Director RC Boosters: Michael Sherrard, Director RC College Prep; Corey Miller, President RC.

    Our first topic will focus on truth and apologetics. The three back to back episodes feature the same topic handled at different levels: introductory, intermediate, and advanced.

    Watch our 90-minute LIVE show each Monday at 4pm PST / 7pm EST
    Ways to watch:
    1) Trinity Channel's website:
    2) IPTV & SmartTV: Maax IPTV, Planet IPTV, Joozoor IPTV, Roku, Zaap IPTV, and other outlets
    3) Apple, Android, and Roku App: Name of app is "ABNSat"
    4) Amazon Fire: Download the "ABNSAT" app
    5) Satellite:
                Download Instructions:
                Satellite: Galaxy 19
                Frequency: 11966H
                Symbol Rate: 22,000
                FEC: 3/4

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                Satellite: Optus 2
                Frequency:  12546V
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               Satellite: NileSat
               Frequency = 11636 V
               S.R = 27500
    Shows are broadcast through satellite to North America, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, and the Middle East
    Short bio:

    Tony Gurule is a full-time missionary on Ratio Christi's National Staff. He is RC's Social Media, IT, and HR Support Specialist, the Assistant Director of Chapter Formation, and the Host of Ratio Christi Television (Truth Matters). He is also a Community Apologist who speaks in churches and organizations to inform and equip both adults and youth, especially in the areas of evangelism, apologetics, and Islam.
    Bio page link:

    2017 Winter/Spring Semester Meeting Schedule

    Please see the below for our schedule this semester.  For every date, we'll be meeting in the Student Center East room 203 at 6:30pm.  

    January 23rd: Are Faith and Reason Opposites? - open discussion

    January 30th: Is Homosexuality Wrong? - open discussion

    February 6th: Skeptical Look at Atheism - Dr. Andy McIntosh

    February 13th: Jesus and the Quran - Mike Felker, GSU Chapter Director

    February 20th: God and Physics - Dr. Rod Nave

    February 27th: Meme-ology: Answering Popular Anti-Christian Memes - open discussion

    March 6th: Genocide and Slavery in the Bible - Duran Smith, GSU Ratio Christi President

    March 20th: Was Adam a Caveman? - Ben Smith, West Georgia Chapter Director

    March 27th: Does God Give Life Meaning? - open discussion

    April 3rd: Q&A Panel Discussion with the GSU Secular Panther Society

    April 10th: Is the New Testament a Forgery? - Dr. Jeffrey Breshears

    April 17th: Evidence of the Resurrection - Duran Smith, GSU Ratio Christi President

    Thursday January 19 meeting information!

    This Thursday evening, January 19th, Tobin Little will be presenting on the Doctine of Christ. Specifically, this teaching will primarily focus on the Incarnation Of Christ. Join us at 6:30 pm, upstairs in the student center, room 2W37!

    2017 First Meeting

    Our first meeting of the new year is on the FIRST day of class - 1/24/17!

    7:00PM MUB Room 207!

    Come and enjoy a fun night of enjoying and exploring 

    Worldviews and Media!

    As always free food will be enjoyed!

    Spring semester meeting topics!

    We are pleased to share our topics for the spring 2017 semester! Our meetings are casual, open, and very laid back. Everyone is invited to attend.

    Christianity and the Nature of Science
    Jesus, The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived
    Miracles and the Modern Mind
    In Defense of the Soul
    Apologetics and the Spiritual Life
    Answers to Bioethical Questions
    Prolegomena to Theology - Introduction to the study of Theology
    Bibliogy - Doctrine of the Bible
    Theology Proper - Doctrine of God
    Christology - Doctrine of Christ
    Pneumatology - Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
    Angelology - Doctrine of Angels

    Our hope is to provide an overview of each subject, with a basic understanding to use as a foundation for what and why we believe what we believe.
    One subject a week, but obviously may take more than a week on any given topic.

    December newsletter!

    We haven't shared our bi-monthly newsletter here in the past, but thought some may be interested. If you don't currently receive it, and would like to be added to our mailing list, send us your email at!

    Spring Meetings!

    Our first meeting of the Spring semester will be held on Thursday, January 12th at 6:30 pm! They will continue throughout the semester on Thursday's in Room 2W37 in the student center! The following is a list of topics we will be covering. Also, our President, Vice, and others will be presenting on the majority of these topics!

    Christianity and the Nature of Science
    Jesus, The Smartest Man Who Ever Lived
    Miracles and the Modern Mind
    In Defense of the Soul
    Apologetics and the Spiritual Life
    Answers to Bioethical Questions
    Prolegomena to Theology - Introduction to the study of Theology
    Bibliogy - Doctrine of the Bible
    Theology Proper - Doctrine of God
    Christology - Doctrine of Christ
    Pneumatology - Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
    Angelology - Doctrine of Angels

    New blog series!

    A new blog series will begin next Tuesday, November 1. Many have heard the scriptures supporting apologetics. However, what do they mean? Who were they written to? Do they apply to everyone? This series will answer these questions and more! Look for the RC Marshall blog on Facebook, twitter, and other social media sites, or visit our Ratio Christi blog page at

    Meeting October 20th!

    This Thursday, October 20th at 6:30 pm Ratio Christi will resume regularly scheduled meetings. This week we will be looking at the highlights of the National Apologetic Conference and Ratio Christi Symposium. We will be having an open discussion on lessons learned from attendance and other conference notes! Join us, upstairs in the student center, room 2W37!

    No Meeting this week!

    Ratio Christi at Marshall University will NOT be meeting this Thursday, October 13th! Instead we will be attending the National Apologetics Conference and Ratio Christi Symposium in Charlotte NC. Our regular meetings will resume the following Thursday, October 20th at 6:30 pm in room 2W37 of the student center!

    UPDATE to meeting October 6th!

    UPDATE for Thursday's meeting! Our future Dr. to be Mark S. Phillips will share with us what he is going to present at the National Conference in Charlotte! "Six Problems if Jesus Never Existed."
    1 Corinthians 15:13-19 + Christ Mythicism

    Topic for October 6th!

    The topic for our October 6th Ratio Christi at Marshall meeting will be "The reliability of the Bible"! This discussion will be an overview, but in depth enough, to defend the Bible to others. Join us and know why you believe the book we believe!

    Small in number but deep on topics!

    Ratio Christi at Marshall university may be small in numbers, actual students that attend our meetings, but our topics are deep in content! During our first two meetings of the semester we have discussed truth, is it objective, and moral relativism, are morals objective? If you want to be a part of such vital and exciting topics, join us on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm upstairs in the student center, room 2W37!

    New Year New Meeting Times

    It is time to begin a new school year and a new year of Ratio Christi. We start on September 6, 2016. We will meet on TUESDAYS this year at 7:00pm in MUB Room 207. We will also be meeting on Sundays again at 7:00pm in MUB Room 233. As usual we will be having stimulating discussions and FREE FOOD! Contact us if you have any questions.

    See our new chapter site

    Please go to the new chapter site for updated information and articles from the RC Purdue chapter. We are still constructing the site so please let us know if you have issues or suggestions.

    Outreach to local FCA clubs

    Do you have experience in sports? Have a testimony you'd like to share with high school Fellowship of Christian Athletes members? Can you explain how God is real from proven facts?  Come and be part of Liberty Ratio Christi's newest outreach to local FCA clubs. They will be blessed, and so will you!


    We will be at RecFest August 20th at the rec center! This is a huge event with both campus and community vendors! Stop by our booth and pick up some FREE stuff!