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    We will be at RecFest August 20th at the rec center! This is a huge event with both campus and community vendors! Stop by our booth and pick up some FREE stuff!

    Student Orientation!

    We will have a table display in the student center next week, August 17th - 19th! Stop by and find out "WHY" we are not just another college ministry!

    Student Orientation!

    We will have a table display in the student center next week, July 11th - 15th! Stop by and find out "WHY" we are not just another college ministry!

    Meadow Grove Baptist

    John Mays will be speaking on the problem of evil and suffering at Meadow Grove Baptist church Sunday, July 10th at 10:00 am. This is a FREE event and everyone is welcome!

    Student Orientation!

    We will be at Student orientation June 13 - 17th! Stop by our table in the student center and find out who we are and WHY we are there!

    Free class!

    John Mays will be presenting a free class based on the book, Contradict, They Can't All be True. The class will be held at Gateway Church in St. Albans WV beginning June 5th at 9:30 am.

    Torah Scroll display!

    A Bible manuscript exhibit featuring a 92-foot-long, three-century-old Torah scroll for the Room for Doubt conference and Marshall University events!
    This is a once in a lifetime exhibit that will be on display both at Gateway Christian Church and Ratio Christi at Marshall University Greg Koukl events!!
    This is an Ashkenazi (eastern Europe) scroll 93’ long
    Pasul is a term that denotes “unclean” or no longer worthy of daily reading of God’s Word
    The Torah is the first 5 books of the Bible (aka Pentateuch when it’s in book form)
    Dated roughly 1750 but the work continues on provenance
    This scroll is presently thought to be from Germany
    That this is one of the scrolls that survived the Holocaust must have been an incredible story in itself
    Survived Kristallnacht Nov 9-10, 1938 hundreds of Synagogues were burned and over 800 scrolls were burned
    Ratio Christi is now entrusted as the caretakers of this historic artifact

    Love is Love: Or Is It

    Almost 70 students attended a lunch session on Wed, February 9, Where Adam Tucker, Missions Director at southern Evangelical Seminary, Taught "Love is Love: Or Is It?" Adam explained the current cultural crisis in which people assume love is defined as acceptance of every bizarre behavior. What is good is defined by the nature of beings. Humans are genetically male or female and so we can understand sexuality in light of these truths

    Announcing RC Wheaton

    Club is forming. at Wheaton University. Contact us for more information. 

    Another Day added to Koukl event!

    Gateway Church will host Greg Koukl beginning April 16th and 17th along with a Ratio Christi fundraiser beginning at 3:00 pm on Saturday! Greg will then present Hell Yes, The terrifying Truth on Monday evening at Marshall University. The time for the Marshall presentation is 7:15 pm in the Don Morris room on campus upstairs in the Student Center. All events are FREE!

    First Meeting of 2016!

    Welcome back! Our first meeting will be 1/28/16 in MUB Room 207. We will be making a list of the most common questions, objections and subjects YOU want to know more about this semester! Come and make you voice be heard! And rememer, there are always yummy goodies to be had!

    Purdue CFSN Luncheon February 5th at 12:00pm

    Dr. Daniel B. Wallace will speak on topic "Reinventing Jesus".

    CFSN Luncheon February 5th, 12-1pm PMU Anniversary Drawing Room
    Luncheon open to faculty, grad students, and staff

    RSVP by emailing 

    Ratio Christi Student Groups at Purdue University

    You are invited to "The Forum." The Forum is the student meeting for Ratio Christi club students and guests. It meets at BRNG (Beering Hall) Room 3268 every Thursday, 6:00pm - 7:30pm.

    Spring meetings and Tactics!

    Ratio Christi at Marshall University will meet on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm in room 2W37, upstairs in the student center, during the Spring semester. We will be going through the book Tactics A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions. The book is written by our guest, Greg Koukl, coming to campus April 18th. A study guide will be provided and everyone is welcome!

    Check out this semester’s R&D (Reading and Discussion) groups. We hope to see you there!

    • Ratio Christi Student Forum (The Forum) – Every Thursday, 6pm in BRNG (Beering Hall) Room 3268
    • Why Suffering – Every Tuesday at 11:30am, location BRNG 7150

    Can Jews Believe in Jesus?

    Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends!

    Come join our chapter meeting at the Liberty Library at 7 pm on Monday, 12/7/15  (first day of Hanukkah), as we observe the video- recorded debate between Rabbi Boteach Schmuley and Dr. Michael Brown, as seen at the National Conference of Christian Apologetics in Charlotte, NC. Prepare yourself for an entertaining and enlightening evening!

    Speaking schedule update!

    We are excited to announce our speaking schedule for the beginning of this year!

    Every Monday evening, at The Crossing Baptist Chruch in Proctorville, Ohio, John Mays will be covering different apologetic topics.

    Every Thursday evening at Marshall University. Join us for an Open discussion in the student center. Room 2W37.

    Starting January 24th, at Gateway Church in St. Albans, WV, John Mays will be speaking on Archeology and the Bible.

    Also on January 24th, at Mt Vernon Baptist Church in Teays Valley, WV, John Mays will be speaking on Is Apologetics Biblical?

    Our assistant Mark Phillips recently spoke at the NCCA in Charlotte NC.

    Isaac McKown speaks at Kenove First Baptist each Sunday and at campus mnistries at Marshall.

    Featured Faculty Resouce

    The Academy and Jesus by Ken Elzinga at the University of Virginia. Download this pdf article. Find this and other professor resources here.

    An Evening with Ratio Christi

    Would you like to be a part of one of the most vital ministries in today's society? If so, consider hosting an Evening with Ratio Christi! You can do this by inviting friends and family to your home, small group, or another setting you are comfortable. We will provide the food and a short presentation! Please note that there will be a financial "ask" at the end of the presentation.

    The blog!

    The Ratio Christi at Marshall University blog has slowed down in preparation for the upcoming year. However, our goal is to publish at least two a week. Also, you can find archives of The Marshall Blog, normally five days a week, on our twitter feed. Check out and follow us @RC_Marshall!