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    Welcome Back!

    The fall semester started just a couple of weeks ago and Ratio Christi at Marshall University has already been busy! Prior to the semester starting we attended WOW for incoming freshman and RecFest the following Saturday! Our first meeting was held the first week of class and we have two new students joining us this semester. We decided to watch the documentary Mining for God. After the first week of viewing only the first twenty minutes, it appears to have been a good choice! (a forty minute discussion followed). So, life on campus is getting back to normal and we are excited of where God is leading us this term!

    RC International Returns from Trip to Kenya

    John Stewart from Ratio Christi International was recently in Kenya teaching approximately 1,300 pastors. The pastors sent a quick "hello" video to you. Watch here.

    Check out the New "Ratio Christi Prof" website

    A new section of the RC website was just launched. See here.

    Faculty and Professors are Invited to the Ratio Christi Symposium

    The Ratio Christi Symposium in October in Charlotte, NC will feature a faculty track. Check it out and register.

    George Yancey, Sociologist from University of North Texas is Keynote Speaker at the RC Symposium

    Keynote talk on Surviving (and Thriving) with Christianophobia will be given by Dr. George Yancy, Professor of Sociology and author of Compromising Scholarship: Religious and Political Bias in American HIgher Education. More information.

    Ratio Christi Launches New Faculty Ministry: RC Prof

    Ratio Christi is pleased to announce the launch of a new emphasis on equipping and mobilizing faculty and professors in the university. Find out how you can be involved in this vital effort.

    Welcome to the New "Ratio Christi Prof" Site

    Explore the newly launched "Ratio Christi Prof" ministry website for faculty and professors.

    We need your HELP!

    Ratio Christi at Marshall University needs your help! We have just entered our third year on the campus of Marshall University. We have the numbers, (students), but we need your help both financially, prayerfully, and by telling others about this vital ministry! Please consider joining us as we have an apologetic conference coming up in Charlotte North Carolina along with a Ratio Christi Symposium the same weekend. We are making plans now to bring a guest speaker to campus and would like to have one for both the Fall and Spring semesters. Join us, join the movement! We need you Help!

    RC UNH 2015-2016 Meetings - Dates, Times, Locations

    It is time to begin another exciting year of Ratio Christi.  This year we will be meeting on Thursdays and Sundays.  Our first Thursday meeting is on 9/3/15 and our first Sunday meeting will be on 9/13/15.  On Thursdays we will be looking at apologetic issues.  On Sundays we will be doing an apologetic based Bible study of the Gospel of John.  In the Spring we will cover a new apolgoetic based Bible study.  We will also be meeting in two different rooms and times on these nights.  On Thursdays we will meet at 7:00pm in MUB Room 207.  On Sundays we will meet at 8:00pm in MUB Room 233.  As always, if you have any questions, shoot us an email.  We have some exciting events for this Fall and next Spring - so don't miss out!

    It's a brand new year!

    Welcome back to campus, students!  And welcome to campus, Freshmen!  We will begin our third year of weekly meetings on Tuesday, September 8, in room 4705 Sangren Hall.  Our first meeting will be mostly informal and consist of planning for Bronco Bash on the 11th, as well as discussing goals for outreach and taking on duties to plan for the debate next spring.  Please join us and see our new officers take charge!  On the 15th, we'll present an overview of apologetics and explain the mission and purpose of Ratio Christi at WMU.  Hope to see you all there!

    Scholarship for Apologetics Conference

    Are you interested in attending the National Conference on Apologetics this fall in Charolette, NC? RC South Alabama is offering two scholarships. Must hold RC membership at University of South Alabama, Faulkner State University, or Univeristy of Mobile. Email for more information.

    Fall Schedule of Informal Open Debate Topics


    Informal Debate Topics at Wayne State

    Thursdays 4 - 5 pm - All Welcome - Especially Atheists!

    Location: Rands House on Main Campus (5229 Cass)

    First Floor Conference Room 103






    Causality: “ one created something out of nothing?”

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Reason: Bad religion or bad reason?

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Information & Intentionality: What holds it all together?

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Morality: Moral law without a moral law-giver? Really?

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Evil: Does evil actually disprove atheism?

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Science: Does theism actually make science possible?

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    *Topics are drawn from Frank Turek’s book:
    Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case (NavPress, 2014).





    Attend! Argue! Make Your Point!


    Athiests and Agnostics Especially Welcome!




    Fall 2015 Freshmen Jukebox

    Come to the MUB on 8/29/15 from 7-9:30pm for all new freshmen and find out about RC at UNH.  We have FREE frozen lemonades to share with you!

    Marshall Blog

    Starting today! The Marshall blog will be updated 3 times a week! You can read it here, on our blog site,, our Facbook page, @RC_Marshall on twitter and @John and Sherri on twitter! We look forward to sharing both apologetic information, and well, my personal thoughts on related topics!

    Summer Meetings

    We plan to continue to meet during the summer months. However, the day and time have not yet been decided. This meetings will taks place off campus and will be open to the public. Check back soon as we hope to start meeting the first week of June!

    New Day for Meetings during Fall Semester!

    During our last meeting of the Spring semester, the students present voted to change our meeting day to Thursday at 6:30 pm each week for the Fall semester. Please join us this Fall as we continue to learn "why" we believe what we believe!

    New Club President

    Ratio Christi at Marshall University has a new club President. Jon Godsey, a sophomore, will be taking the reigns immediately. This was decided at our last club meeting of the semester. Jon has been with us for over a year, and, after spending the summer at home in Charlotte NC, plans to lead us into an exciting future. After two years of serving as our President, Isaac McKown is stepping down. Isaac Has been our President since the beginning. He recently completed his graduate studies in Education. Isaac will still be joining us at our meetings while he makes plans for where God leads him next.

    Last Meetings of the Semester

    April 26th will be our last regular meeting.  At 7:00pm we will discuss Judaism.  At 8:00pm we will be discussing "Did God Command Genocide?"  followed by our annual elections for student officers.

    On May 3 we will have our special speaker Dave Sterrett, speaking on abortion.  Please RSVP on the Facebook Event page found on our Facebook page.  There will be FREE refreshments, a Q&A time and a special, end of the year surprise!

    Registration Open for Philippines Conference & Adademy! June 2015

    Ratio Christi is please to announce the 2015 Apologetics Academy & Conference in Manila, Philippines. Join us! Details here.

    Can Christianity Answer Evil?

    Almost 100 students listened to Queens University Ratio Christi leader, Matt Schmidt, answer the question "Can Christianity Answer Evil?" on Friday, March 27, 2015, 12:05-1:05. Matt explained that the very question asked assumes that evil exists and points toward a Creator God. Awesome event!