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    Summer is Over.

    Welcome back to school! We can't wait to see you all at our weekly meetings. This semester meetings will be on Monday nights at 5PM to 7PM at the Joshua House. We are hoping to get a location on campus soon. We will keep you posted.

    Labor Day is on September 2nd and we will not be meeting. We will see you on September 9th. This semester we are going to start our studies with Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace. We are very excited for the school year. We hope you will join us as we learn to equip ourselves to share our faith with others on campus.


    The tentative schedule for the semester so far is:

    August 26 First meeting

    August 28 We will be tabling at the Student Involvement Fair

    September 2nd No Meeting- Labor Day Holiday

    September 9 Let's talk about worldview questions

    September 16 We will start Cold Case Christianity (CCC)- Introduction, Chapter 1 & 2

    September 23 (CCC)- Chapter 3 & 4

    September 30 (CCC)- Chapter 5 & 6

    October 7 (CCC)- Chapter 7 & 8

    October 14 (CCC)- Chapter 9 &10

    October 21  (CCC)- Chapter 11 & 12

    October 28  (CCC)- Chapter 13 & 14


    We will keep you updated for the rest of the semester.

    Lenoir Rhyne First Meeting on August 29th

    Join Ratio Christi at Lenoir Rhyne University in the Fireside Room at 6pm on Thursday, August 29. Come prepared to discuss, "If you had two hours with God what would you ask Him?"

    Winter 2014 Open House / Open Discussion



      Ratio Christi at Wayne State University

    A Christian Critical Thinking Club

    WINTER 2014


    Thursdays 4 - 5 pm - All are Welcome

    Location: Rands House (5229 Cass) Conference Room 103







    In Defense of the Soul by J.P. Moreland, Ph.D.

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    The Case for Moral Absolutes by Francis J. Beckwith, Ph.D.

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Answers to Bioethical Challenges by Scott B. Rae, Ph.D.

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Darwinism in Crisis by Phillip B. Johnson, Ph.D.; John Mark Reynolds, Ph.D.

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Key Issues in New Testament Textual Criticism by David Alan Black, Ph.D.

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Jesus: The Smartest Man who Ever Lived! by Dallas Willard, Ph.D.

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    In the Defense of the Christian Faith by Greg Koukl, M.A.

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    Apologetics and the Spiritual Life by John Coe, Ph.D.

    04:00 PM

    Rands 103


    *Topics correspond to Module II of the Biola Univ. Certificate Program in Christian Apologetics.

            ●    Students involved in Ratio Christi at Wayne State University have the opportunity to apply to the Biola Certificate Program in Christian Apologetics at a discount and to receive scholarship assistance in completing the Program.


    Helping strengthen the faith of Christian students, and challenging atheism and secularism on campus.


    Ratio Christi Launching Fall Semester at the University of Edinburgh

    Ratio Christi will be meeting from 6:00-7:30 in the Appleton Tower in Room M1. 

    New Chapter Starting

    Germanna Community College, in Fredericksburg, Virginia is launching a new Ratio Christi group. Join us!

    The Apologetic connection of the Thundering Herd is OFFICIAL!

    Ratio Christi at Marshall University is one of the newest RSO's, Recognized Student Organizations, on campus!  It all came together during WOW week when God lead an individual to volunteer to become our Faculty Advisor!  This lead us into action and we now have four officers and have submitted our initial paperwork for SGA funds to help with our expenses!  Anyone interested in being a part of this apologetic movement on campus, and throughout southern West Virginia, please contact John Mays, Chapter Director, at 304-688-8856, or by email!

    Funding for Philippines, Summer 2014

         In the end of June and beginning of July, numerous apologists will be going with the International Team to teach an apologetics academy to Christian leaders, university students, and officials in Manila.  

        Funding to cover the costs of travel, accommodations, and educational materials is needed; please consider giving a one-time gift to contribute to this short-term mission trip that will enable hundreds of people to get trained with intensive apologetics curriculum that otherwise is inaccessible to them.

    The Restless Soul with Stuart McAllister

    Stuart McAllister from Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) will be speaking at the first Ratio Christi meeting of Spring 2013. He will be explaining what a restless soul is and why it is important. His intriguing presentation will be at 6:30 p.m. on January 7th in the Student Center Theater, which is on the bottom floor across from Pizza Hut. Event Page Here

    Ratio Christi Officers

    Ratio Christi begins the Fall of 2018 with our outstanding student leaders: Hannah Fitzgerald (President), Curtis McDaniel (Vice President), and Gerelis Feliz (Treasurer).

    Wayne State University has Become an Approved Chapter!

    Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan was approved as a Chapter on February 21st. Congratulations and welcome to Ratio Christi!

    Congratulations UC Irvine!

    The Ratio Christi chapter at UC Irvine was granted official status at the University as a student organization on February 16, 2012. Congratulations to the new chapter!

    Welcome to Hickory Grove's Ratio Christi Chapter!

    2012 we launched the Ratio Christi High School Apologetics Club at Hickory Grove Christian School in Charlotte, NC!

    Mike Adams to Speak at Lenoir Rhyne

    Ratio Christi at Lenoir Rhyne is hosting a lecture on Spiritual and Intellectual development. The guest speaker will be Dr. Mike Adams, a Sociology and Criminology professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington will present on "Postmodernism, Political Correctness, and Christianity" from 7-9 pm on Thursday January 19, 2012. A Q&A with Dr. Adams will follow his presentation. 

    Event Details Here

    Many New Universities

    We are pleased to announce that the process for starting apologetics clubs has begun at the following universities:

    • University of California, San Diego
    • Sam Houston State University
    • University of Michigan Dearborn
    • Erie Region (this club will host for several universities in the Erie, PA area
    • Campbellsville University

    If you are, or know, a student at these schools that would be interested please contact

    RC President Interviewed by has just posted an extensive interview with Rick Schenker, president of Ratio Christi. Blog provides a broader cultural commentary on the state of contemporary education. In so doing, it complements the main portion of the BestSchools site, which is dedicated to helping students find the right schools and degree programs to meet their educational goals.

    In the interview, a wide range of topics concerning Ratio Christi are raised from its history, to future goals, to academic approach, to how it fits in with the wider resurgence of apologetics. Also discussed are how RC works with other campus ministries and the challenges of working in a secular environment.

    Read the entire interview.

    October Symposium Recordings Now Available

    Recordings of the Ratio Christi October Symposium are now available online for purchase through the company that recorded them. You can get a set of all the MP3s for $20. For those of you that could not attend it is well worth the price. There were some excellent sessions.

    UTK Meetings

    Chapter Meetings will be held at the Christian Student Center on campus @ 7PM on Tuesdays beginning on September 5th. See all of you there! 

    ***RC Professor Meetings will be held at the Campus House of Prayer on Wednesdays @ 12:15 PM beginning on September 6th...***

    Another Year Starting at ASU

    We've had an amazing summer of learning, growing, and inviting others to pursue an epic life of pursuing truth and love together! As the semester approaches, we're excited to continue this with returning students and new students! Hope to see you at our semester kick-off on August 28th at 8:30 PM on campus in the Student Union in Calloway peak room 137A!!

    October Symposium

    Ratio Christi, Faculty Commons, and the Colson Center would be honored by your presence at the October 27, 2011 symposium in Charlotte, NC on “Changing Academic Culture through Campus Apologetics Movements.” Speakers Paul Gould (Faculty Commons; co-author with William Lane Craig of the book, “The Two Tasks of the Christian Scholar”) and Mike Adams (Professor at UNC Willmington and frequent writer on will be followed by a distinguished panel including John Sanford (Cornell University), Bruce Little (SEBTS & Bush Center for Faith and Culture), Richard Howe (SES), and Frank Turek (

    Please join us for an insightful and goal oriented look at how Christians can better transform the university and culture with apologetics and Christian worldview thinking. An afternoon of engaging content will be followed by a dinner and strategic discussion led by Tom Gilson of Breakpoint/The Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. The afternoon and evening will be a meeting of active participants, leaders, and ministries in the apologetics and worldview movement with a view toward forming forward looking vision and implementation strategy.

    Please join us on this day before the National Apologetics Conference. More information can be found here and here. Registration required.