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Ratio Christi organizes apologetics clubs at university campuses around the globe.


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THE PURPOSE Bringing together Faith & Reason. . .  Establishing the Intellectual Voice of Christ at the University THE MISSION Ratio Christi is a global movement that equips university students and faculty to give historical, philosophical, and scientific reasons for following Jesus Christ. OUR VISION Imagine a spontaneous grassroots evangelistic movement advanced by apologetics discipleship, conversational evangelism, and training faithful men and women who will also teach others. Imagine Christian students and faculty who 1) are completely confident in their faith in Christ and 2) can stand up to intellectual attacks and  inquiry. Ratio Christi seeks to strengthen the faith of Christian students and faculty around the world by placing Ratio Christi chapters on 500 university campuses in the first five years. Imagine trained apologists and Christian faculty working together to help students and faculty see the intellectual weaknesses of Secularism, Atheism and religious pluralism. We will train students and faculty to trust the historical reliability of the Bible, and to know that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ can not only change lives, but that it is one of the most well documented historical events in all of history. Imagine every Ratio Christi chapter hosting, on university campuses, lectures and debates that will challenge the intellectual veracity of secularism and atheism and reach out to those that don’t know Christ. Imagine Christian faculty making a strong intellectual case for Christianity in the contexts of their academic disciplines. We will equip and encourage faculty to integrate a Christian worldview into their scholarly activities. We will encourage students to enter the mission field of the university by pursuing academic careers. That is what Ratio Christi is all about. It's not just an organization--it's a movement! (see on website)

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Ratio Christi organizes apologetics clubs at university campuses around the globe. Ratio Christi (Latin for ‘The Reason of Christ’) is a non-profit, tax exempt (501c3) organization encouragiong and strengthening the faith of Christian students and faculty at universities around the world through the use of intellectual investigation and apologetics while sharing Christ's message and love to those that have yet to receive it.
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