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Alicia Parente

On-boarding & Accounting

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Alicia is a supported missionary with Ratio Christi. Please consider being part of her monthly support team as she assists Chapter Directors to reach university students.

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Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079

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Alicia Parente

On-boarding & Accounting

  • Needs Work
  • Read with Discernment (May contain information contrary to historic Christianity)
  • Opposing Viewpoint


Alicia has been volunteering with Ratio Christi for several years and came onboard as a Supported Missionary on the National Staff in June 2017. She was born and raised in Rhode Island and moved to North Carolina six years ago, and wishes she'd moved there years ago. Alicia is blessed to be married to her best friend and husband, Joseph who will also be joining the staff of Ratio Christi in the near future. Their family has been blessed with seven children who are all grown and living in various states with their spouses and children, which at last count is six grandchildren and two on the way...and counting. Their youngest daughter, Kristen, resides in North Carolina where she attends Appalachian State University which has Ratio Christi's very first campus chapter.

Alicia spent many years working with and advocating for senior citizens and is excited to now be using those skills with college students. She has served on the Board and volunteered with Meals on Wheels and the Alzheimer's Association as well as serving on a state board which advocates for senior services.

In her spare time Alicia and Joseph travel to visit their children and grandchildren and will be getting used to officially being empty-nesters. You can find them worshiping at Central Church of God in Charlotte, NC.