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Bob Clapper

Chapter Director, Regional Director | Moody Bible Institute

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Bob Clapper is Ratio Christi’s Regional Director for Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin..  He has always been interested in apologetics since he became a Christian after graduating from college.  He has been active in serving young people through Cru, as a youth pastor, and as a high school science teacher.  He teaches worldview and apologetic classes at his church and is active in the Chicago Chapter of Reasons To Believe (currently serving as its president).

He makes his home in Wheaton, Illinois with his wife, Kathy.  Their two daughters and one grand daughter live close by.  He enjoys bicycling and being out in the garden.


My journey to be a Christ follower began as a providential encounter with a young lady moving into the apartment complex I lived in.  As I was out in the parking lot polishing my Austin Healey sport car, she asked if I could help carry some boxes in.  Soon after, we began dating and since she was a committed Christian, she began sharing Christ with me right away.  We had lots of interesting spiritual conversations and as our relationship got serious, she recommended I talk with a Cru staff at the campus close to our apartment complex.  I told him I was pretty happy with my life and did not think I needed God in my life.  We talked about the fruit of the spirit and he asked if I could use more love, peace, joy, etc. in my life.  As I did not think I was perfect, I admitted I could use more of those qualities in my life.  He said Christ could give me those things if I would invite Him into my life.  He then said what would I have to lose! If I invite Christ into my life I would have more to gain.  And if Christ did not come into my life, I really had nothing to lose.  It made sense to me and as I went home that night I prayed inviting Christ into my life.  I later married that girl.  I say she fell first in love with my car but she said it was my muscles.  As we revolved our life together in Christ, apologetics have been important to us, as we both desire to have solid reasons to follow Him.


B.A., Biology, University of Minnesota
M.Ed., Educational Administration, Northern Illinois University
Certificate, Institute of Biblical Studies

Certificate, Reasons Institute with Reasons To Believe