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Danny Loe

Chief of Staff

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Danny Loe

Chief of Staff

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Danny Loe, B.S., Th.M., D.Min, is Ratio Christi's Chief of Staff. Before joining Ratio Christi, Danny served with Cru (Campus Crusade for Christ). He spent 5 years in the Philippines and over 12 years in Japan where he trained both American and national Cru workers before returning to the USA to pursue a Th.M. in Cross-Cultural Ministry.

After receiving his degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, he was challenged to move to Singapore, where he served on the Human Resources team for the ministry in closed East Asia and later taught at East Asia School of Theology. In 2004, Cru leadership in Hungary asked Danny to join them and teach undergraduate and graduate level classes for Eastern European staff members, pastors and laymen. During his subsequent 12 years in Hungary, he developed the Theological Foundations for Leadership program and curriculum for the area.

While in Singapore and Budapest, Danny began to understand the strong influence of one’s worldview on both personal growth and evangelism. This motivated him to enter the Engaging Mind and Culture program at Talbot School of Theology, leading to a D.Min. degree. His doctoral project was entitled "Developing Worldview-wise Evangelists," and focused on helping Christians expand their mental databases and learn to use a series of questions to engage and share the gospel with those of other world views.

Danny is a contributing author to Reasons to Believe, an apologetics anthology. Danny's wife, Rebekah, is also on staff with Ratio Christi. Together they are helping a local church develop an outreach program based on his doctoral project, as well as starting an RC chapter at Louisiana State University, in addition to Danny's responsibilities as Chief of Staff for the national team. Danny and Rebekah are blessed with four young adult children: David, Jonathan, Grace and Susanna. The family enjoys reading books aloud to each other and watching "whodunits" in their free time.