Eric Scott

Director of Campus Operations

Eric studied Biology and Business Administration, enjoyed a successful business career with two Fortune 100 companies, and ultimately became CEO of a multi-million-dollar international chemical manufacturing concern. After seminary he became a 3-time recipient of the distinguished Pace Setter Award, pastoring one of the fastest growing Southern Baptist churches in Texas. He was twice recognized by the Billy Graham Association for outstanding evangelistic performance and was cited for his pastoral counseling by the Houston Christian Counselors Association. He served as moderator over 118 churches in his local Baptist Association, was elected to the Executive Board of his state convention, and presided over an ecumenical alliance of clergy from several denominations for three years. He has started, overseen, and helped revive several businesses, churches, and parachurch organizations. A gifted writer and communicator, he has authored several Christian books.


My father was a fighter pilot, Killed in Action, during the Korean War while I was still an infant. My mother blamed God for our loss, turned from the church, became a severe alcoholic, and dabbled in the occult. Later, she searched for meaning and answers to life, taking my sister and me to various churches and exposing us to virtually every major Christian denomination. I learned to revere God and the Bible, but to question every church’s institutional dogma and doctrine.

I was agnostic in college until I engaged in a groundbreaking multi-year fruitfly DNA experiment overseen by Dr Robert Freeman at OSU. The results of that research coupled with a chance trip to the Kirkpatrick Planetarium convinced me of God’s existence and confirmed the historical, philosophical, and scientific viability of the Holy Scriptures long before “apologetics” was a thing on college campuses. I believe without reservation that the life, death, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ as documented in the Gospels is the manifest plan and key to salvation for fallen man.


University of Oklahoma, Biology, 1968

Oklahoma State University, Business Administration, 1974

University of Houston (CE), Management, 1981

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Religious Education, 1988

Biola University, Apologetics (certificate), 2018