Larry Baxter

Chief Operating Officer

Larry Baxter is the Chief Operating Officer of Ratio Christi, overseeing all day-to-day aspects of the organization. Prior to joining Ratio Christi, Dr. Baxter was an assistant professor at the Harvard Medical School, a cancer researcher at the Massachusetts General Hospital, a Software Architect and Designer, a VP of Reserach and Development for a software startup company, and an ordained pastor on staff at a growing local church in West Lafayette, Indiana. He joined Ratio Christi in 2017 as the Director of Professor Ministry, but transitioned into the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2020. His broad background turned out to be divine preparation for his current role with the ministry, overseeing operations and leadership development for the national ministry. Apologetics and campus ministry played a critical role in Larry’s coming to faith in Christ and growing as a disciple, which has fueled his passion for the minsitry of Ratio Christi.