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What is Ratio Christi Prof About?

Win the Professor and Win the Classroom!

While professors make up a small fraction of Americans, they possess a disproportionate influence on culture given their authoritative role in the highest halls of education. The university is the single most influential institute in western culture and we aim to reclaim it as it was originally grounded in Christian thought from its European beginnings to the greatest modern universities in America.

Imagine with us a movement of missional professors active in every academic discipline and at the highest levels. Imagine every university having a core group of Christian scholars working to rebuild the plausibility structure of the Christian worldview on the secular campus where the best books written in a given field are written by Christian professors. Imagine these professors going public as missional professors NOT professors who merely happen to be Christian. Imagine every student knowing at least one of them. Imagine a university system that has a thriving population of Christian thinkers, a virtual renaissance of Christian thought, thinkers who are winsome, virtuous, and intentional about making great contributions in their fields of scholarship and also advancing the cause of Christ at the university.

If Jesus had as his mission in life not to go to the cross, but to do your job with your background and training rather than carpentry how would he do your job a bit differently? What if you viewed your job as a calling, your occupation as a vocation? What difference would that make?

How is RC Prof Unique?

While scarce, there are a few other good faculty ministries in the country that we want to partner with rather than compete with (see list). However, Ratio Christi is unique. First, as a ministry dedicated to apologetics-evangelism, we seek to provide historical, scientific, and philosophical reasons for non-believing professors to follow Christ and for believing professors to be equipped to challenge people in their arenas of influence to do the same. Second, Ratio Christi Prof is much less about ministry to you as a professor and much more about getting you involved in using your academic training in the service of Christ. We believe your academic training is a gift that God has given you and that you have an important role to play in re-igniting a serious Christian engagement in the academy. Third, Ratio Christi is a "mobilizer" and we do not intend to spend nearly as much time in Bible study or discipleship groups (both vital things that can and should be done within the local church) as we will helping you find ways to incorporate your academic training into your Christian life and reaching out to a university and world that desperately needs salt and light. We hope we can be a catalyst to connect you with opportunities to winsomely engage your Christian faith in the life of the mind in a way that impacts students, other faculty, and the culture. In short, we seek to challenge non-believing professors with the Christian worldview and to mobilize believing professors as missional professors.  

How Can I Be Involved?

  • Join our email listserv (we won't flood your inbox with spam but will keep you updated about important opportunities/events)
  • Help start a Ratio Christi undergrad/grad chapter at your university/college
    • Become a faculty adviser for a group (existing or new) on your campus
    • Become a chapter director for a group (existing or new) on your campus--we have professors as chapter directors (from Cornell U, Wayne State U, Sam Houston State U, etc.) as chapter directors.
  • Be a speaker for an existing local chapter of Ratio Christi and if you're already at a conference or another university speaking, let us plug you in to speak at a number of different campus ministries. We call this Prof on Mission.
  • Join our speaker’s bureau
  • Join a short term mission teaching team with Ratio Christi in the U.S. or Internationally.
  • Write articles or blogs on topics tying together your faith and vocation.
  • Donate to RC Professor/Faculty ministry

To inquire about any of the above or for more information contact Ratio Christi Prof.