Apologetics Training on Faith and Science

Ratio Christi is pleased to offer a full series in Apologetics Training for Faith and Science. We have partnered with the Gospel Coalition, the Discovery Institute, and a number of thought leaders to create a series of videos for training Christians to tackle difficult questions. This Christian worldview training course is designed for Christians of all walks of life.

The series of videos trains Christians on the Biblical worldview, theology, and philosophy. You don’t have to get an advanced degree to understand how faith and science coexist. In this apologetics training for faith and science, experts in the fields of philosophy, biology, cosmology, and theology will help you understand topics crucial for apologetics.

Watch the videos on Ratio Christi’s new YouTube channel or continue below to view the training series.

Can Faith & Science Coexist?
Where Did The Universe Come From?
Is Religion Anti-Science?
Can Science Answer Every Question?
Where Did Life Come From?
Does Evolution Prove That Religion Is False?


The Problem of Science and Faith

Corey Miller, President and CEO of Ratio Christi, Professor

President of Ratio Christi, Dr. Corey Miller, is an accomplished professor, philosopher, and apologist. He has struggled with the perception that faith and science are incompatible. In this lesson, Corey lays the philosophical foundation for the marriage of faith and reason. Christian apologetics utilizes science, history, and philosophy to give an account for our faith in Christ.


Are Christianity and Science at War?

Michael Keas

Belief in the supernatural creation of the cosmos gave humanity solid conceptual ground for expecting to discover mathematically elegant natural laws issued from the maximal