The Moses Controversy | In theaters March 14, 16, and 19

Is the Bible the inspired word of God? Or is it a book of fables and myths? Ratio Christi is pleased to be a ministry partner in the promotion of the highly anticipated production of Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy. Award-winning investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney returns to the screen with his team after the successful documentary production of Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.
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Mahoney was raised to believe the stories of the Bible were true. But mainstream scholars reject the Bible’s claim that Moses wrote the Exodus journey as an eyewitness account. They believe it is just an exaggerated tale. These scholars emphatically declare Moses didn’t even have a writing system like Hebrew for recordkeeping. Instead, the writing of Exodus came more than one thousand years after the fact.

Since the Bible claims that Moses was the author of one of the greatest stories in the entire Bible—the Israelites’ exodus out of Egypt and their journey to Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God—Mahoney realizes that the question of Moses’ ability to write its first books impacts the credibility of the entire Bible.

Traveling throughout the Middle East to see where the patterns lead, Mahoney uncovers profound new scientific evidence you have to see to believe! The new documentary investigation Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy will be in theaters for three days only: March 14, 16, and 19. Learn more at The Moses Controversy site. Visit the Fathom Events site to find a theater in your area and to purchase tickets.

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