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    New Semester!

    We are gearing up for a new semester and welcoming 2019. Come join us as we tackle numerous topics from the reliability of the New Testament, the resurrection of Jesus, the differences in churches and religions, and many more! Wednesdays at 8:00pm. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!

    Christmas Party!

    Our end of year Christmas party is 12/5 at 7pm in MUB 330. Come for TONS of food, fun, and exploring if Jesus is just a copy of other gods.

    2017 First Meeting

    Our first meeting of the new year is on the FIRST day of class - 1/24/17!

    7:00PM MUB Room 207!

    Come and enjoy a fun night of enjoying and exploring 

    Worldviews and Media!

    As always free food will be enjoyed!

    New Year New Meeting Times

    It is time to begin a new school year and a new year of Ratio Christi. We start on September 6, 2016. We will meet on TUESDAYS this year at 7:00pm in MUB Room 207. We will also be meeting on Sundays again at 7:00pm in MUB Room 233. As usual we will be having stimulating discussions and FREE FOOD! Contact us if you have any questions.

    First Meeting of 2016!

    Welcome back! Our first meeting will be 1/28/16 in MUB Room 207. We will be making a list of the most common questions, objections and subjects YOU want to know more about this semester! Come and make you voice be heard! And rememer, there are always yummy goodies to be had!

    RC UNH 2015-2016 Meetings - Dates, Times, Locations

    It is time to begin another exciting year of Ratio Christi.  This year we will be meeting on Thursdays and Sundays.  Our first Thursday meeting is on 9/3/15 and our first Sunday meeting will be on 9/13/15.  On Thursdays we will be looking at apologetic issues.  On Sundays we will be doing an apologetic based Bible study of the Gospel of John.  In the Spring we will cover a new apolgoetic based Bible study.  We will also be meeting in two different rooms and times on these nights.  On Thursdays we will meet at 7:00pm in MUB Room 207.  On Sundays we will meet at 8:00pm in MUB Room 233.  As always, if you have any questions, shoot us an email.  We have some exciting events for this Fall and next Spring - so don't miss out!

    Fall 2015 Freshmen Jukebox

    Come to the MUB on 8/29/15 from 7-9:30pm for all new freshmen and find out about RC at UNH.  We have FREE frozen lemonades to share with you!

    Last Meetings of the Semester

    April 26th will be our last regular meeting.  At 7:00pm we will discuss Judaism.  At 8:00pm we will be discussing "Did God Command Genocide?"  followed by our annual elections for student officers.

    On May 3 we will have our special speaker Dave Sterrett, speaking on abortion.  Please RSVP on the Facebook Event page found on our Facebook page.  There will be FREE refreshments, a Q&A time and a special, end of the year surprise!

    New Semester-First Meeting!

    Our first meeting of 2015 will be 1/25/15 at 8:00pm.  MUB Room 302

    Christmas Party

    We will have our Christmas party on 12/7.  Come and have fun, food, Christmas cookies, Veggie Tales and a special "quiz" and a prize for the winner!

    MUB Room 302 December 7, 2014 7:00-9:00pm

    Special event!

    Don't forget our special guest, Paul Compton, on 11/23/14 as he brings the latest discoveries of ancient New Testament manuscripts and discusses their reliability.

    First Meeting of the Fall 2014

    Come to our first Ratio Christi meeting for the Fall 2014. 9/7/14 8:00pm MUB Room 302

    Summer Break!

    We are off for the summer, however we will be having some events over the summer.  Contact us for more information!

    Information Table in the MUB

    We have an information table on the second floor of the Memorial Union Building.  Come check us out!

    UNH Receives Approval

    Congratulations to the Ratio Christi club at the University of New Hampshire as they just received their official approval from the university. Welcome to the movement!

    God's Not Dead Movie

    We will be going to the God's Not Dead movie on 3/21 at the Brickyard 12 movie theater in Epping.  The tickets are $9.75.  Please contact Kevin or Lori if you need a ride from UNH.  Bring your friends!!

    Spring Break

    Reminder!  We will not be meeting this coming Sunday due to Spring break.  We will resume on Monday, 3/17/14 at 7:00pm.

    Recognition Progress

    Our Constitution has been reviewed by the University and is being edited for small changes.  Once resubmitted we anticipate it will be accepted.