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    Winthrop School TV program interviews RC!

    Winthrop's Campus TV program, "Winthrop Close-Up," did a short but terrific interview with our apologetics students and chapter co-director Devin Pellew, during a session. See the video here.

    Ratio Christi's First Campus Event at Winthrop University

    Please join Ratio Christi at Winthrop University as we hold our first public event on campus! This event is being sponsored by the Winthrop Organization of Freethinkers, a secular group, and they are giving us the open floor to make a case for God's existence! Our speaker will be Prem Isaac, graduate from Southern Evangelical Seminary and member of SES's speaking T.E.A.M. This event will take place on Tuesday, April 15th at 7:30pm and is free and open to the public. Please come out to hear some great information regarding the topic of God and Science with Q&A afterwards! Please visit for more details!