There are many ways you, as a ministry partner, can bless the important work of Ratio Christi, other than sending a check. The following possibilities are offered as ways you can be creative and make excellent use of a portion of your current, but no longer needed assets.

Donate your Vehicle

Vehicles such as cars, trucks, boats, or RV’s, etc., can be easily donated through our contracted third-party service. You simply contact them, and they do the rest. Once disposed of you get a tax receipt based on the sale of the vehicle. To donate a vehicle, click here.

Personal Property*

Donating a no longer needed piece of valuable jewelry is an easy way to make a significant gift to Ratio Christi’s mission. Once the item is disposed of you get a tax receipt based on its sale price.
To donate personal property, click here.

Real Estate*

The donation of your primary residence or vacation home, commercial property, farms, vacant lots or acreage. To donate Real Estate, click here.

Art, Antiques, and Collectables*

These are items that can be donated which have current market value. As with all these types of current assets, the acceptance is based on their value. To donate items, click here.