Apologetics Curriculum

As the need for apologetics grows and people realize the value in studying it, more and more curriculum is being introduced. Much of it is aimed at or appropriate for children and teens. Here are a few to get you started:

For elementary age:

  • Summit — Two different curriculums, one aimed at Christian schools and one for homeschool families.

For teens:

  • Summit — curriculums available for middle school and high school, Christian schools or home schools.
  • Summit — curriculum for Sunday school appropriate for youth and adults.
  • TrueU — by Focus on the Family. How to live out a Christian worldview.
  • Accessible Apologetics – by The Apologetics Guys
  • Anchors Away Ministries offers several forms of curriculum. Their worldview training curriculum is available teacher led, DVD led, and for homeschool groups. Requires training to teach it. Unanswered is a versatile curriculum that does not require training.

Especially for women:

For everyone:

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