Developing Thoughtful Christians in the Next Generation is Essential

Developing Thoughtful Christians in the Next Generation is Essential

by Dr. Corey Miller, Ratio Christi President and CEO

Ratio Christi aims to develop thoughtful Christians in the next generation. The first part of Ratio Christi’s vision is Thoughtful Christianity. When you hear the expression, “she is a very thoughtful person,” you’re apt to think of her as a compassionate and considerate person. But thoughtful also represents being rational and reflective. Our Vision of Thoughtful Christianity contains a double meaning intentionally. We aim to cultivate both the heart and the head, which together influence the hands. The integrated Christian exhibits the head, heart, and hands of Christ.

The Christian world and life view isn’t one that bifurcates faith and reason, faith and life, faith and vocation. There is no separation between sacred and secular. This disintegrated picture isn’t Christian. The Christian thinks about integrity, not so much integrity as a virtue which brings to mind a person of honestly or something like that. Rather, it integrates all of life. We seek to reach professors and students not only with the Gospel but also to get them thinking more holistic about their calling.

With respect to students, we want them to aspire to greatness by the end of their time with us. We recognize graduating students with the greatest potential to lead the next generation with the Legatus Christi award (which means in Latin, “ambassador of Christ”). These legacy building awards can be summed up in four core values:

  1. Academic rigor. Someone who has pursued God with their mind.
  2. Demonstrated and integrated, Christ-like character. Again, we don’t want someone only loving God with their mind. We want them loving God with their heart so deeply that it is transformative.
  3. Enthusiastic evangelism. They engage others with compassion and respect. Someone claiming to have good news, the best news, and yet doesn’t share it can hardly be said to believe that the good news is really all that good.
  4. Willing and able to teach others which leads to exponential impact by reproducing these qualities.

Join the movement! If you are interested in developing Thoughtful Christians in the next generation, consider joining our team. We are seeking full time Campus Ministers.

Ratio Christi envisions Thoughtful Christianity. Learn more in this video:

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