Why We Focus on Transforming Lives

Why We Focus on Transforming Lives

by Dr. Corey Miller, Ratio Christi President and CEO

In our vision of Thoughtful Christianity—Transforming lives on campus today, changing culture tomorrow, what we envision is not merely bringing people on campuses to believe that the Christian God is real. It is true. But we desire to see people believing in the Christian God. This is a difference that makes a difference. Belief that God is real is mere intellectual assent to a proposition. Belief in God’s reality also involves a volitional consent and affective movement toward God. Said differently, we don’t want people to merely believe that God is present in the world. We want people on campus to embrace God’s presence in the world, in their world, and practice the presence of God as world changers. This involves living the apologetic lifestyle, one that is winsome and attractive.

The apostle Paul, a philosopher, theologian, and biblical scholar, understood that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone, but it was not by a faith that stands alone. James, another apostle reminds us that faith without works is dead because faith without works is only in the head. If God really sent Christ into the world to reconcile us, that should shake our thinking. We want to introduce people to the reality of God, a God who transforms lives, communities, and entire civilizations.

In Colossians 3:2, Paul quips, “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.” It is vital to create new spiritual pathways by first developing a new perspective. We take on the mind of Christ, relying on God’s spirit, but by developing a view about reality, a way of knowing, and of acting, as apprentices of Jesus. It’s coming to see the world the way Jesus sees the world, the reason of Christ, the meaning of Ratio Christi. Knowledge is central not peripheral to the Christian life. Jesus said, “this is eternal life, to know God.”

In his book Love Your God with all your mind, Christian philosopher and spiritual life writer JP Moreland, says, “the mind is the soul’s primary vehicle for making contact with God, and plays a fundamental role in the process of human maturation and change, including spiritual transformation.” We want to love God not only with the hands and heart, but also significantly, with the head. We want to see lives transformed on campus today.

We are seeking full time Campus Ministers. If you are passionate about transforming lives on campus, apply to join the team.

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