Engaging with Mormons: Understanding Their World, Sharing Good News

Engaging with Mormons

Understanding Their World, Sharing Good News

by Dr. Corey Miller, Ratio Christi President and CEO


While Mormons may only be 2% of the US population, they comprise 6% of the US Senate. The Mormon church is both an affluential and influential organization. It cannot be overlooked, and it should not be ignored. These are people for whom Christ died.

Are You Prepared?

However, many Christians are reluctant to engage in conversations about their faith with Mormons–unsure of the differences and concerned that it will just end in confusion. This new book is a game changer! “Engaging with Mormons: Understanding Their World, Sharing Good News” is written by Dr. Corey Miller, someone who grew up in Utah as a 7th generation Mormon and whose family was tied intimately with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. He was not only a cultural and religious insider, but also a theologian and philosopher of comparative religions teaching at places like Purdue and Indiana Universities. He is an evangelist and loves Mormons, currently leading Ratio Christi, a preeminent campus apologetics ministry represented on 125 campuses.

Learn to Engage with Mormons

The book is both concise and accessible, providing a clear presentation of a wide array of topics. It goes beyond doctrine and theology, delving into the important areas of Mormon sociology and psychology. As any speaker should know her audience, this brand-new short book is designed to help Christians understand more about the beliefs, mindset, and motivations of those who are members of the Church or Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Whether they are colleagues, friends, or missionaries on your doorstep, Engaging with Mormons will equip you to reach out to Mormons with the good news of the true Gospel.

This book offers an expanded glossary of terms to help clear away unnecessary confusion. It lays out how to dialogue with Mormons, critiquing approaches that do not work while explaining approaches that have great potential in bearing fruit. Rather than focusing on obscure Mormon doctrines or peculiarities, it highlights the essentials of their doctrine and shares one specific that is essential when dialoguing with Mormons. You will learn to speak “Mormonese,” through a deep understanding of the Mormon testimony and addressing the language of the Mormon heart.

The book is due out November 1 and can be pre-ordered now on Amazon.com. https://www.amazon.com/Engaging-Mormons-Understanding-Their-Sharing/dp/1784984612

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