Standing Firm on Absolute Truth is Essential

Standing Firm on Absolute Truth is Essential

by Dr. Corey Miller, Ratio Christi President and CEO

Greetings friends,

Ratio Christi means “the reason of Christ.” We are a Christ-centered campus ministry which loves Jesus with our whole hearts. We contend that the heart cannot embrace what the mind cannot believe. Many people question the foundations of our faith and many others seek to inhibit our ability to share the reasons for it.

Ratio Christi is at the forefront of defending the truth of the Christian faith and defending the ability to defend the faith on university campuses. Truth is important to us. Truth is that which corresponds to reality. Jesus also claimed to be “the truth.” These are not mutually exclusive because God is the source of truth.

We constantly proclaim the truth of Christ at the universities. But the battle at the universities never stops, which is also why we partner in our appeal to Caesar with legal organizations to keep our platform available. Even I myself, as an ethics professor, required legal assistance. As we enter this new year, we move beyond smaller courts to our first visit at the U.S. Supreme Court over free speech, indeed free speech to proclaim the truth of the Gospel. Jesus said you shall know the truth and it shall set you free, but in order to proclaim the truth on university campuses we need to be free to do so.

Please joining us in praying for the right to defend truth to be protected.

To hear more about the importance of standing firm on absolute truth, check out this video:

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