Join in on the Collegiate Day of Prayer

1,823 campuses spanning the United States have one thing in common: they have been adopted by teams and individuals who will pray for an awakening amongst our college students. Thursday, February 28, marks the annual Collegiate Day of Prayer. Individuals, campus groups, local churches, and communities will rally together to cover our students and campuses in prayer. And you can get involved! Here’s how: 1. Become familiar with the purpose and scope of this unique time of individual and corporate prayer. 2. Search for a college in your area to either join an active prayer group or adopt an unclaimed campus. 3. Encouarge others to join by circulating promotional materials via email or your favorite social media platforms. Custom designed materials are available for campuses, churches, and communities. Then, on February 28, join with tens of thousands of other believers in praying for a student awakening. May this young generation be the catalyst that introduces a renewed love and worship that our nation longs to enjoy.

Check out the Collegiate Day of Prayer site.
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