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Ratio Christi's partner site,, provides readers all over the world a large and continually expanding virtual library of articles and essays compiled from all over the World Wide Web. Noted apologists, biblical scholars, philosophers, scientists, historians, students, and laymen all come together under this one site. The Poached Egg is a one-stop shop for discovering vital resources that you may not even knew existed whether you are new to apologetics or a veteran apologist, The Poached Egg should be one website that every Christian has bookmarked and shares with their church community, skeptics of Christianity, family and friends, and fellow believers who may be struggling with doubt.

ThePoachedEgg is the best site for a feed of apologetics articles & blogs from around the blogosphere.  Bookmark it!

Apologetics315 is the best site for apologetics related audios and videos. There is a selection of the very best video and audio debates and interviews with many of the world's top apologists. Ratio Christi highly recommends this site. Bookmark it!

Christian Apologetics Alliance

The CAA is a close partner of Ratio Christi's that is a large network of Christian apologists, thinkers, and bloggers that are coming together for communication and collaboration to employ the tools of logic, science, history, archaeology, and theology to provide a rational defense of the Christian worldview. Make it a Favorite!

Lists of Apologetics Related Blogs

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Lists of Apologetics Podcasts

Evidence4Faith Radio Show Podcast

The Poached Egg Blog List  (Extensive List of Apologetics Podcasts)

Apologetics 315 Best Podcast List   (List of 16 of the Best Apologetics Podcasts)

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Deeper Waters Podcast and Blog


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