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Ohio State University

Aug 17

Hop on Board with Ratio Christi for the National Pray4America Bus Tour!

Jun 2

Handling the Objection: “But Jesus never said, ‘I am God.’ ”

Jan 4

What Do Christians Mean When They Say Jesus is “The Son of God?”

Mar 20

"God's Not Dead" movie is Wake-up Call to the Church

Nov 25

Book Review

Nov 18

Romans 1 and the Existence of God

Nov 18

Skype Lecture with Dr. Timothy McGrew

Nov 18

Dr. Michael Licona Lecturing at The Ohio State University on the Resurrection of Jesus

Nov 4

Comments/Testimonies From Recent Apologetic Lectures at The Ohio State University

Nov 4

Dr. Michael Brown at the Ohio State University: "Is Jesus the Jewish Messiah?"



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