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Ohio State University

May 10

The First Question in Discussing God's Existence

May 4

A Closer Look at the Genre of the Gospels: Ancient and Modern Historiography: What are the Gospels?

May 3

Is There Evidence for God? William Lane Craig and Kevin Scharp at The Ohio State University

Apr 28

God and the University

Mar 25

Why the Jesus Movement Would Have Died Without a Resurrection

Feb 17

February 25: One United Day of Prayer for Colleges by Christians in America!

Jan 18

Handling an Objection: “Jesus is Just One of Several Messianic Figures in the First Century”

Dec 22

The Jewish Background of the Incarnation in The Gospel of John

Nov 13

“If Nature Made You, What Made Nature?”

Oct 28

Do You Have A Worldview?



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