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Hickory Grove High School

  • Introducing Our First Group of Outstanding RC College Preppers!

    As many of our readers know, Ratio Christ has launched RCCP – Ratio Christi “College Prep” as a local club mentoring Christian high school youth to face intellectual challenges when they get to the university level. RC College Prep chapters may form in public or private high schools, Christian high schools or homeschool groups, churches, home meetings or even restaurants in a community. With Director Michael...   More

  • Cold Case Christianity

    Hickory Grove High School enjoyed their time at the Cold Case Christianity event! We learned a lot about the reliability of the Biblical events, as well as how to defend them. We were privileged to speak with J. Warner Wallace personally after the event and we were blessed.   More

  • Dr. William Dembski

    We were excited and honored to have Dr William Dembski, an expert in Intelligent Design, speak with our students at Hickory Grove High School on 1/16/13!   More