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  • PZ Myers & Fazale Rana Debate - Darwinian Evolution and Knowing Truth

    Last month on February 12 at the Ramada Inn in Fargo, N. Dakota, Drs. PZ Myers (atheist) and Fazale "Fuz" Rana (Christian theist) held a debate on whether there is evidence for God's existence, based upon the notion of whether there is design at the microbiological level.  Myers (Ph.D., Biology, University of Oregon) is a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota, Morris, and Rana (Ph.D., Chemistry, Ohio University) is a biochemist by training, who works in research at Re...   More

  • The Hardest Day in Kore - Indentured Servitude & Slavery

    After three weeks of constant use of hand sanitizer, bathing out of a rain barrel with a pitcher of water, existing under constant surveillance of my bodily intake due to last time's visit, walking muddy, feces-ridden streets, breathing in belching fumes inside intoxicating, sardine-packed taxis on the way to the college and seminary, I was ready for home.  Home visits, although of benefit, seemed to carry a monotony due to my lack of knowledge of the local language.  I was re...   More

  • Reflections on My Ethiopia Mission Trip, July 2014

    For three weeks in July, I stayed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where I lived at the office compound of Transformation Love, a child sponsorship ministry in a blighted area known as Korē.  During the day, we visited the homes of the women and children who benefit from the ministry, and at night, I taught a philosophy and theology class at Evangelical Theological College.

    Learning about Korē   More

  • How Much Evidence Do I Need in Order to Be Justified in my Belief in the Bible?

    Let us say Bill is a churchgoer who works fifty hours per week at a local penitentiary.  Bill has a lot of stress on his job, dealing as he does with manipulative criminals, and when he comes home from work, he must help with dinner, cleanup, and with putting the children to bed.  Before this, he plays with his children, and after dinner, the family enjoys fellowship and devotions from the Bible, replete with catechism, prayer, and a song.  It is now late, and Bill and his wi...   More

  • Islam and the Problem of Human Language

    We're studying Islam and Christianity for a few weeks here at Lenoir-Rhyne University, and in my studies, I've seen that Islam teaches that only the Arabic version of the Qur'an (Koran) is the true word of God, and that any translation is a distortion because a translation is an interpretation.  This is contrasted with the Christian view of the Bible as the word of God in that the Bible is to be translated to every tribe and tongue so people can have God's word in their...   More

  • Book Review

    Book Review:  A Reasonable Response

    A Reasonable Response by William Lane Craig and Joseph Gorra, is a compilation of Dr. Craig’s most insightful and instructive Q&A exchanges.  The book is meant to be a  “celebration and an example of the practice and ministry of answering questions.” [1] The questions are organized in six broad categories: (a) Knowing and Believing What Is Real, (b) God, (c) Origins and the M...   More

  • Sharing the Gospel with a "Nominal" Christian

    The term "nominal Christian" is an oft-used phrase to discuss the type of person who identifies easily with a denomination, and this identity is typically a default response to one's religious beliefs.  In addition to this typical nomenclature, "nominal Christian" is applied to such people who are by-and-large biblically illiterate, and have often taken for granted non-Christian ideas and fused them together with their own.  This is called "syncretism."   More

  • Militant Atheists and the 'Other' Holocausts

    Where Are the New Atheists Leading Us?

    By Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

    In a letter that General Dwight Eisenhower wrote to General George Marshall on April 15, 1945, he described some of the horrors he saw in Nazi Germany’s Holocaust. He indicated that it was necessary to preserve the evidence so that, “if ever, in the future, there develops the tendency to charge these allegation...   More

  • Personhood and Christ

    It is argued that personhood does not exist by those who favor Eastern religion over the so-called "rational" doctrines of the West.   The argument is that individual personhood dissipates upon death and is either subsumed into the eternal, infinite cosmos, or ceases to exist.  The former is congruent with a New Age Pantheism, similar to Hinduism, while the latter is in concord with Naturalism, which teaches that there is nothing except that which we can verify through empiri...   More

  • Student Observations on the Reason Rally

                                         Reason Rally Diaries

    by Jonathan Shelton, University Junior at Lenoir Rhyne University and member of Ratio Christi, attended the recent atheist Reason Rally in Washington DC

    The Reason Rally was a big experience for me. It was my first mission trip. The people I engaged with were fairly we...   More

  • South American Prison Speaks to Atheist Professor

    The captive prisoner smiles as he notes he has been awaiting trial for two years now. The crime? Stealing a pack of gum. "I'm so very happy you've come to see me," he says to his American visitor. In the upper portion of this South American prison, where beatings and filth co-join as malevolent twins in a quagmire of bureaucratic arrest, the professor of criminology stares in awe at the man's happy demeanor. He notices the prisoner's Bible on the shelf of his cell, along wit...   More

  • What Do Ratio Christi Meetings Look Like?

    by Glenn Smith, Chapter Director at Texas A&M University

    Ratio Christi operates differently from how Christian apologetics have traditionally been done. In the past, apologists were alone, doing work that was breaking new ground. Therefore, the only avenue available to them was through teaching, writing books and articles, and debates. So, when Ratio Christi came along, many Christians and apologists simply did not understand how we went about our work. From the perspectiv...   More

  • Chasing Away the White Elephant in the Room

    “We MUST double the number of students getting an M.A. in Apologetics”
                                                    Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

    Ratio Christi is deploying apologists to gras...   More

  • Spiritual Hunger is Driving Force at Lenoir-Rhyne College


    “The Ratio Christi group here at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, North Carolina is doing very well. We will continue to meet during the summer as there is still interest from members of the community and also students who will be staying in the area.  Amazingly, even after exams were over and the students had gone home, one young man drove an hour from his home to attend our 7:00 am Ratio Christi meeting, and another young lady drove 3 hours!&...   More