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Marshall University

  • A Visit from an Atheist...

    I recently had the opportunity to attend an event on the campus of Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. I challenged local pastors, Christians, and two campus ministries to join me in a Facebook post. Needless to say, no one accepted my challenge. I know, probably not the best idea anyway. The event was titled, Bringing Creationism to its Knees, and featured a popular internet atheist.   More

  • Why Apologetics?

    Many people do not know, or care, about apologetics. Most do not know what the word even means. And maybe that is okay. I don't think so. But then again it is what I do for a living. I am a full time missionary, an apologist. But do we really "need" apologetics? Seriously, outside of it being a Biblical command, which obviously is of vital importance, why would we really need apologetics?   More

  • OJ Simpson Innocent of Murder | Christianity True!

    The OJ Simpson trial could possibly be one of te most famous in history. A retired professional football player charged with killing his wife and possible boyfriend. There were blood stains in OJ’s car and in his home. He had a cut on his hand. His DNA matched blood found at both the site of the killings and his home. Overwhelming evidence, so it seemed. Except for the gloves. The famous quote by his attorney, “if the gloves do not fit, you must acquit”. They did not fit....   More

  • do we know?

    Morality…how do we know right from wrong? There are many that do not think about the question. There are others looking for ways to show God is not needed to know right from wrong. However, I would suggest, as with a significant number of others, without God, there would not be a right and wrong. This can be one of the strongest arguments for the existence of God called the moral argument!

    1. If God does not exist, objective morals and values do not exist.

    2. Object...   More

  • Faith and Truth...

    I would suggest the majority, if not all, people do not believe something unless they think it to be true. I would go on to suggest said beliefs are based on something, or some type, of evidence and reason. Here I in lies the point of this writing. The one and only exception would be when it pertains to one’s beliefs concerning religion. The most important belief anyone could possibly consider, their eternal life. Yet, it would appear the majority base that on feelings. Please keep in...   More

  • What Did You Learn at Church Sunday?

    Every Sunday, after church, I ask my children what they learned. They have gotten smarter, not biblically, and answer the same thing weekly; Jesus. Which obviously leads to another question, “what did you learn about Jesus”? Of course, at this point, it is either an “I do not know” response or bits and pieces of a Bible story. The point being, what did you learn at church Sunday? Seriously…   More

  • Scripture for "naming names" and "calling out" False Teachers

    Some have stated I would have received more support both financially and otherwise if my writing and speaking were not as harsh. I always ask, “what do you mean by that”? (Tactics) More often than not the answer has something to do with calling out false teachers. Of which my next question is, “how did you arrive at that conclusion”? (more Tactics) Of course, I am told, people do not like to hear their favorite teacher is not teaching sound doctrine...   More

  • 2 "real life" Encounters!

    I often wonder what a Christian would talk about with a non-Christian. It seems the non-Christian would have little knowledge, interest or understanding of Christianity. And the Christian, what possibly could he understand about the secular world. I know, both statements are extreme examples but, here in lies why I like to share “real life” experiences.   More

  • Book Review | Sharing the Good News with Mormons | Johnson and McDowell

    Possibly more times than not the scenario goes something like this: Sitting at home with the family and you hear a knock at the door. We scream to the kids not to answer until we see who has come to visit. Lo and behold it is two young gentlemen dressed in their white shirts, name tags and ties. Oh no! The Mormon elders are here! Quick kids, hide.   More

  • Church...we have a problem

    I have had the opportunity over the past couple of weeks to speak to a group of individuals at a church and another group at a church camp. The average age at the church was probably fifty or above and those at camp were high school students. Church, we have a problem! If you do not believe me, then you need to at least ask yourself, and others, some questions. It does not matter if you know the answers. Well, it does, but to make a point for now, just ask the questions. Start with why are...   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | The End of the Series

    I have decided to end this series of scripture supporting apologetics today. I have reviewed four New Testament verses and three Old Testament verses. I could continue until further notice. There is so much support and examples of apologetics within the Bible I feel it should now be obvious to most readers of this blog. My point has been well documented throughout this series. The Bible indeed supports apologetics.   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | Jonah 1:17

    Over the past six weeks I have provided both New and Old Testament scripture for apologetics (see here for the start of the series). Last week I used the parting of the Red Sea, which is a story about Moses that is a favorite among children. This week, I am continuing the theme of children’s stories, well, they are not actually children’s stories as I hoped I showed last we...   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | Exodus 14:31

    I would suggest apologetics are a significant part of the Bible. Consider every sign and miracle recorded from the Old Testament to the New Testament. It is a book of historical facts and evidence. Thus, I am completely baffled as to why so many are either against apologetics or do not seem to think apologetics biblical.   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | 2 Corinthians 10:5

    This is the second of a continuing series of blogs providing supporting scripture for apologetics. Each week, I record a podcast on Tuesday, followed by a blog on Thursday, to provide a deeper understanding of the podcast. Last week I discussed and wrote about Matthew 22:37. This week the verse is 2 Corinthians 10:5. The plan is to continue the series using both Old and New Testament scriptur...   More

  • Scripture Supporting Apologetics | Matthew 22:37

    Due to the overwhelming pushback I receive concerning the use of apologetics, for the next few weeks, or until I am out of scripture, I am going to provide Biblical support for apologetics. To avoid being accused of “cherry picking” scripture, I plan to give numerous examples, both from the Old and New Testaments, of individuals applying apologetic principles.   More

  • Praying for "that" Family Member or Friend

    Let’s talk about that family member or friend we have been praying to be saved. Well, not literally, that would be gossip. But seriously, the one you have prayed for, requested prayer for, have had others prayer for, “that” one family member or friend to receive the free gift of salvation.   More

  • 10 Objections to the Resurrection

    This weekend, Easter Sunday, we, the church, has one of the best opportunities to share the truth of Christianity. We can share evidence of the resurrection showing that God exists, miracles happen and Jesus is who He claimed!
    Think about it, Easter and Christmas are the two times a year that if someone is going to attend church they do! I do not know why, but I know that when I was agnostic it is when I went. And for many, it is when they will attend as well.   More