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Ohio University

  • Regional Retreat for Indiana Ohio

    The September 17, one-day, Indiana Ohio Student Retreat wrapped up well this last weekend.

    Students from Indiana and Ohio universities heard presentations on origins, tolerance, and what it means to be 'human' from three different Ratio Christi staff. There was time for respondents after each presentat...   More

  • Canonization: a Quick and Dirty Guide

         It’s curious that, although so many passionate arguments are waged over how to interpret the Bible, many Christians can’t articulate why they believe the books in the Bible are divinely inspired, and have no idea how the sixty-six books were chosen to represent the whole of Scripture. I’m going to attempt to give an approachable introduction to the issue of how we got our Bible—essentially a “quick and dirty” guide that provides a litt...   More

  • Book Review

    Book Review:  A Reasonable Response

    A Reasonable Response by William Lane Craig and Joseph Gorra, is a compilation of Dr. Craig’s most insightful and instructive Q&A exchanges.  The book is meant to be a  “celebration and an example of the practice and ministry of answering questions.” [1] The questions are organized in six broad categories: (a) Knowing and Believing What Is Real, (b) God, (c) Origins and the M...   More

  • Militant Atheists and the 'Other' Holocausts

    Where Are the New Atheists Leading Us?

    By Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

    In a letter that General Dwight Eisenhower wrote to General George Marshall on April 15, 1945, he described some of the horrors he saw in Nazi Germany’s Holocaust. He indicated that it was necessary to preserve the evidence so that, “if ever, in the future, there develops the tendency to charge these allegation...   More

  • Social disapproval or approval of homosexual marriage?

    What are the inherent philosophical presuppositions about the nature of society and about society’s relation to the individual?

    “Supporters of same-sex marriage believe that ALL traditional notions about gender, marriage and family result from artificial social institutions rather than from an immutable human nature endowed to us by God or nature.  This is the social construction theory of human nature and institutions.

    Contrast this with...   More

  • Homosexual Marriage: What is the Real Issue?

    The upcoming vote on North Carolina's constitutional amendment draws attention to the ongoing debate about the position government should take on the issue  of homosexual marriage. This topic of same-sex marriage is extremely controversial, and discussion on the topic is often heated. I believe that many people miss the key point of this debate.      More

  • Is It Wrong to Think You're Right?

    by Josh Welch (RC Member & Student at Ohio University)

    In American pop culture, Christians who share their faith (or even admit to believing in Christ) are viewed with disdain and perceived as threatening. Of course, a few Christians do act like jerks, but this is not why people are so upset at Christians. In fact, it is evangelism itself that upsets them. I was discussing this topic with someone once, and in a burst of passion, she finally admitted what upset her about evangel...   More

  • Is Evil a Problem Only for Christianity?

    by Josh Welsh (RC Member & Student at Ohio University) 

    One of the arguments atheists most frequently raise against the existence of God is the problem of evil. What they don’t realize is that evil is a bigger problem for atheism than for theism.

    Simply stated, the problem of evil is as follows:   More

    1. If God exists, then he is all-powerful and perfectly good
    2. A perfectly good God would want to put  an end to evil
    3. An a...
  • Grad/Future Grad Student Summer Project Durham, North Carolina June 10–23, 2012

    "We dream of a day when the university will radiate with faithful followers of Christ, who present a brilliant and beautiful Christ to the world and engage in their scholarly work and life as fully integrated, fully devoted worshippers."

    If you are sensing God’s calling to the academy, if you value the life of the mind and see it as integral for the fulfilling of the Great Commission, or if you are a grad student on a secular campus and wonder “How do I navigate this as...   More

  • What Do Ratio Christi Meetings Look Like?

    by Glenn Smith, Chapter Director at Texas A&M University

    Ratio Christi operates differently from how Christian apologetics have traditionally been done. In the past, apologists were alone, doing work that was breaking new ground. Therefore, the only avenue available to them was through teaching, writing books and articles, and debates. So, when Ratio Christi came along, many Christians and apologists simply did not understand how we went about our work. From the perspectiv...   More

  • Chasing Away the White Elephant in the Room

    “We MUST double the number of students getting an M.A. in Apologetics”
                                                    Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

    Ratio Christi is deploying apologists to gras...   More