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University of North Carolina - Wilmington

  • RC Chapter Event at UNCW Gathers 400 Attendees

    In March 2018, the RC chapter at UNCW hosted an “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist” conference on campus. Frank Turek, the author of the popular book and apologetics study by the same name, was the featured speaker. The turnout to hear Turek, who is also director of, was outstanding. We are delighted to share a report and photos from the event. 

    RC at UNCW is...   More

  • Growing Closer to God through Apologetics

    The Ratio Christi chapter at the University of North Carolina - Wilmington (UNCW) is one of our oldest chapters. It continues to produce students who have truly become ambassadors for Christ. Emma Gayle Hilton has proven herself to be such a student. Chapter Director Aaron Marshall explains why he presented her with the Legatus Christi Certificate – RC’s Ambassador Award (see photo of presentation at end of article)<...   More

  • It's time for Christians to "apologize"

    It is not a secret that today's culture isn't wild about Christianity.  We live in a world enamored with naturalism, pluralism, and secularism.  Thus, any person who adheres to a religion that teaches that (1) there is a sovereign God (2) who has ordained an exclusive way to enjoy a relationship with Him and (3) encourages His followers to proclaim this message publicly should brace for opposition.  Such a religion is offensive and intolerant to the modern mindset.&nb...   More

  • Book Review

    Book Review:  A Reasonable Response

    A Reasonable Response by William Lane Craig and Joseph Gorra, is a compilation of Dr. Craig’s most insightful and instructive Q&A exchanges.  The book is meant to be a  “celebration and an example of the practice and ministry of answering questions.” [1] The questions are organized in six broad categories: (a) Knowing and Believing What Is Real, (b) God, (c) Origins and the M...   More

  • Militant Atheists and the 'Other' Holocausts

    Where Are the New Atheists Leading Us?

    By Rick Schenker, President of Ratio Christi

    In a letter that General Dwight Eisenhower wrote to General George Marshall on April 15, 1945, he described some of the horrors he saw in Nazi Germany’s Holocaust. He indicated that it was necessary to preserve the evidence so that, “if ever, in the future, there develops the tendency to charge these allegation...   More