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Wayne State University

  • The Ultimate Debate: Does God Exist?

    On Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019, in the Community Arts auditorium on the Main Campus of Wayne State University, two WSU professors debated the question, "Does God Exist?"
    On the PRO side, Prof. Abert Spalding provided evidence for the existence of God. Dr. Spalding teaches in the Mike Ilitch School of Business and serves as faculty advisor and c...   More

  • Apologetics on the Campus of Wayne State University

    Thank you for your interest in Ratio Christi at Wayne State University!

    Ratio Christi is a Christian critical thinking club that specializes in apologetics, that is, on considering the truth claims of the Christian faith. We create a safe space for open discussions and friendly debates about faith, science and related topics. Christians, atheists, Muslims, students of other faiths (and of no faith) and skeptics bring much to these discussions.

    Our goal is for each of us to...   More

  • WinterFest Student Organization Day at Wayne State

    On Wednesday Jan. 27, stop by and say hello at WinterFest! When you do, be sur eto enter our drawing for a free book).  Look for the Ratio Christi table in the Student Center Ballroom on Wednesday, January 27, from 11 am to 2 pm. Meet the Directors of Ratio Christi at Wayne State, pick up a free apologetics brochure, and also a schedule of our Christian Apologetics Discussions for this semester. See you there!   More

  • Open Discussion/Debate on the Origin and Nature of Evil

    Is evil real? Is it a thing?

    If God created everything, and evil is a thing, did God create evil?

    If God is the author (i.e., is in sovereign control) of everything, is God the author of evil?

    Or, does the existence of evil disprove God?

    These are the questions and issues we are discussing this Fall at our Ratio Christi at Wayne State University roundtable discussion/debate meetings at 4 pm on Thursdays.

    Join us for an informal round-table discus...   More

  • Jesus: Smartest Man who Ever Lived?

    Was Jesus the smartest man who ever lived?

    The late Dallas Willard, who served as a professor in the School of Philosophy at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, thought so.   More

  • Are the New Testament Writings Reliable?

    Is the New Testament reliable?

    Lots of folks don’t think so.  Skeptics point to inconsistencies. Cults sometimes claim that the New Testament has been corrupted and is inferior to more recent revelations. Muslims deny its validity in comparison to the Qur’an.
    Common objections to the reliability of the New Testament include, “The New Testament was copied so many times that it can't be trusted” and “The New Testament was translated from...   More

  • Bioethical Challenges: From Fertility to Suicide

    If Christians really were pro-person and pro-life, Christians would not want to condemn people to a painful, lingering death, right?.  Besides, assuming a patient gives consent, what is the philosophical difference between allowing someone to die (which we do everyday when we remove ventilators, etc.) and giving assistance in committing suicide?
    These are good questions. Are there answers? Can, or should, improved pain relief technology be part of the conversation? If there is a...   More

  • The Case for Moral Absolutes

    Can there be such a thing as "objective" truth? If so, what is its origin? How is it derived or accessed by the human mind?

    Or, are there only opinions about truth?

    Relativism is difficult to explain, apply or defend once it is examined closely. At the end of the day, relativism, once carefully scrutinized, seems to disintegrate into some form of nihilism?

    Today at 4 pm we will try to have a conversation about relativism and objective truth. Which should be intere...   More

  • Do You have a Soul?


    Do human beings have souls? Are humans one kind of thing, or two? Are there things we know are true of mental properties that are not true of physical properties, or vice versa? What are mental states?
    It has become fashionable in some scientific circles to deny the existence of the human soul. After all, if we are little more than the result of the random collisi...   More

  • Book Review

    Book Review:  A Reasonable Response

    A Reasonable Response by William Lane Craig and Joseph Gorra, is a compilation of Dr. Craig’s most insightful and instructive Q&A exchanges.  The book is meant to be a  “celebration and an example of the practice and ministry of answering questions.” [1] The questions are organized in six broad categories: (a) Knowing and Believing What Is Real, (b) God, (c) Origins and the M...   More

  • Miracles: Supernatural or Superstition?

    Do miracles exist? Did they ever?
    Are miracles best defined as "violations of the laws of nature"?
    Or, are they simply delusions?
    Join us today for a wide ranging discussion that will cover centuries of miracle claims, and will consider the accounts of miracles from the Apostle Paul, to Augustine, to David Hume, to Craig Keener.
    Today, Novemb...   More

  • The Arrogance of (Christian) Religious Claims


    Is Christianity really all that different from other religions? What's so unique about the claims of Christianity? For example, how is Buddhism as a religion somehow "worse" than Christianity?

    In fact, what's a "religion" anyway? Assuming Christianity is a "religion," aren't its claims of exclusivity ("the only true way to God") arrogant?
    Toda...   More

  • What about Those Who have Never Heard the Gospel?


    In the last 50 years, the world population has doubled, to 7 billion. What happens to the billions who have not heard the Gospel?
    The standard Christian answer is that since Jesus Christ is the only way to be reconciled to God, those who have not heard the Gospel stand condemned.
    Is this arrogant? Is it fair? Is it reflective of a good, loving and just God?...   More

  • Your "Cult" is My Religion! And Vice-Versa.



    What's your definition of a "cult"?
    Followers of a weird, charismatic leader who sets the rules?
    A group of oddballs who are (or could easily become) homicidal or suicidal?
    Any organization whose beliefs are different than yours?
    What about the early Church? Were the disciples of Jesus of Nazareth a "cult"? (Some Roman and...   More